“The world is a bubble” declared Saint Augustine. Seventeen centuries later, the patron saint would surely be a huge fan of the portable plastic offerings from Bubble Tree.
圣·奥古斯丁曾经说:“世界就是一个气泡。”17个世纪后,这位保护圣徒一定会成为Bubble Tree公司轻便塑料制品的拥护者。

The french design and manufacturing company sells bubble products that they describe as “Unusual huts for unusual nights.” Spot Cool Stuff would characterize them more as glorified tents.
这家法国设计和生产商出售泡泡产品,他们称之为“为不平凡之夜准备的不平凡小屋”。Spot Cool Stuff称之为改良型帐篷。

Bubble Tree has two basic types of bubbles to choose from. The Bubble Room has a translucent bottom half that provides bubble dwellers with a modicum of privacy. The Cristal Bubble is entirely see through. The floor of the CristalBubble is transparent too (if you don’t install the optional wood floor), so you can place one at a beach edge and watch waves lap beneath you.
Bubble Tree有两种基本泡泡屋可供选择。泡泡屋有半透明的底部,能为居住者提供少量隐私。而水晶泡泡屋则是全透明的,就连水晶泡泡屋的地板也是透明的(如果不选择安装木质地板),所以你可以选择在海边安置一个水晶泡泡屋,然后看海浪拍打着你。

Both bubble types have a floor diameter of about 4 meters (13 feet). That provides more than enough interior room to for five people to have a picnic, or for one really cynical person to comfortably isolate themselves from the outside world. For more space, a bubble can be combined with a smaller bubble to create a BubbleLodge or with another full-sized bubble to make a GrandLodge.

The bubbles manage to hold the shape of, well, a bubble thanks to an electric turbine that keeps the structure optimally inflated. The blower is silent and runs the air through a filter that supposedly removes all bugs, moisture and allergens. That fresh air, along with the bubble’s ultraviolet-proof plastic, helps moderate temperatures and keeps the greenhouse effect in check. Altogether, life inside a bubble is pretty sweet.

What’s less sweet is the price. A CristalBubble with a removable wood floor, air turbine and carry case will set you back €7796. If you have any money left over, combine your bubble with a portable wood-burning spa for the ultimate glamping—glamorous camping—experience.