Directions: In this part of the test you’ll hear 5 English sentences. You will hear the sentences only once. After you have heard each sentence translate it into Chinese and write your version in the corresponding space in your answer booklet. Now let’s begin Part B with sentence translation.

Sentence 1
In the education circles, homework opponents argue that homework damage the physical, emotional, and mental health of children by reducing the amount of time they have to play and get fresh air.

Sentence 2
Most of us tend to believe that competition is good and that competition fairly handled can generally stimulate more efficiency in production, grater efforts to improve products and lower prices for consumers.

Sentence 3
Intellectual property crimes are not victimless. The theft of ideas and the sale of counterfeit goods threaten economic opportunities and financial stability, suppress innovation, and destroy jobs.

Sentence 4
People now sleep about 20% less than they did a century ago. One 2010 poll of 1000 Americans found 36% are drowsy or fall asleep when they are driving, and 29% become very sleepy at work.
译文:现在人们的睡眠时间相比一个世纪以前减少了20%。 2010的一份有1000位美国人参与的民意调查显示,36%的美国人在开车时都昏昏欲睡或者睡着,29%的人在工作时非常困乏。

Sentence 5
Destabilizing factors and uncertainties are clearly on the rise in our region. The impact of international financial crisis can still be felt and problems such as terrorist forces and drug trafficking are becoming more pronounced.