The Joys of Writing

The fortunate people in the world—the only really fortunate people in the world, in my mind, are those whose work is also their pleasure. The class is not a large one, not nearly so large as it is often represented to be; and authors are perhaps one of the most important elements in its composition.They enjoy in this respect at least a real harmony of life. To my mind, to be able to make your work your pleasure is the one class distinction in the world worth striving for; and I do not wonder that others are inclined to envy those happy human beings who find their livelihood in the gay effusions of their fancy, to whom every hour of labour is an hour of enjoyment, to whom repose—however necessary—is a tiresome interlude. And even a holiday is almost deprivation. Whether a man writes well or ill, has much to say or little, if he cares about writing at all, he will appreciate the pleasures of composition. To sit at one's table on a sunny morning, with four clear hours of uninterruptible security, plenty of nice white paper, and a Squeezer pen—that is true happiness. The complete absorption of the mind upon an agreeable occupation—what more is there than that to desire? What does it matter what happens outside?The House of Commons may do what it likes, and so may the House of Lords. The heathen may rage furiously in every part of the globe. The bottom may be knocked clean out of the American market. Consols may fall and suffragettes may rise. Nevermind, for four hours, at any rate, we will withdraw ourselves from a common, ill-governed, and disorderly world, and with the key of fancy unlock that cupboard where all the good things of the infinite are put away.

by Winston Churchill

在我看来,世上幸运的人——世上唯一真正幸运的人,是那些以工作为乐的人。这个阶层的人并不多,还没有人们常说的那样多。也许,作家是其中最重要的组成部 分之一。就幸运而言,他们至少享受着生活中真正的和谐美。依我看,能使工作成为乐趣,是世人值得为之奋斗的一种崇高的荣誉;而且,我毫不怀疑别人会羡慕这 些幸福的人,因为他们在快乐地喷涌的幻想中找到了生计,对他们来说,每劳动一小时,就是享受一小时,而休息——无论多么有必要——是令人讨厌的插曲,甚至 度假也几乎成了一种损失。无论写得好坏,写成多少,只要在意,就可尝到谋章布局的乐趣。在一个阳光明媚的早晨,临桌而坐,整整四个小时不受打扰,有足够数 量的雪白稿纸,还有一支“挤压式”妙笔——那才叫真正的幸福。全心全意地投入一项令人愉快的职业——此愿足矣!外面发生什么事又有何妨?下院想干什么就干 什么吧,上院也可如此。异教徙可以在全球各地大发作。美国市场可以彻底崩溃。证券可以下跌;女权运动可以兴起。没有关系,不管怎么说,我们有四个小时可以 躲开这俗气的、治理不善的、杂乱无章的世界,并且用想象这把钥匙,去开启藏有大千世界一切宝物的小橱。