English songs have been very popular for people around the world for many decades. From Elvis Presley to Ricky Martin , from the Beattles to Eminem and from Natalie cole to Britney Spears have all been sitting in everyone's heart, even for people who don't speak English.... even for people who speak zero English.

Should you have better English skills if you listen to English songs for a long time. From my experiences, some people listen to English songs for 20-30 years but still don't accomplish any good English skills. Some people choose English songs to be the "main learning approach", which most are failed.

Listenning to English songs does not help you to speak English fluently. It does help you gain some vocabularies but, yet, most of them are unusual ones that you don't use in your everyday life. You won't learn the sentence "It is a complicate project. We really need to meet the deadline." in any English songs All you will hear are only love, passion, infection, hate and blue, for the feeling not the color.
听英文歌并不能让你讲一口流利的英语。虽然听歌的确能增加你的词汇量,但是这些词汇中的大部分都是日常生活中不怎么常用的。比如你在任何英文歌里都不可能听到这个句子:It is a complicate project. We really need to meet the deadline. 你能听到的只有关于爱、恨、激情、郁闷之类的词汇。

People like using English songs to practice English skill because it's easy and enjoy. They think that sitting in the car listenning to English song day by day can improve their English skills. It is actually not. You will definitely not improve your listenning skill becasue normal people don't speak with melody. People don't talk like Eminem song. You can't get yourself familiar with English pronunciation or accent just from listenning to English songs. The words that they pronouce in the songs are not the words that you will hear in your everyday life. It's oftenly even confused you more how English is pronouced.