Tell her she is beautiful everyday

Tell her she's beautiful everyday. You don't know how much that will mean to her.

If you don't walk out

If you don't walk out, you will think that this is the whole world.

missing is the forever one

Mistake is temporary regret but missing is the forever one.

Mature men don t look back

Mature men don't look back the past and smart ones don't wonder the present and open-minded persons don't doubt the future.

judge by the seeds that you plant

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

Face the past

Face the past with the least lamentation, face present with the least waste and with the most dream to face future.

Life is wasted on the trifles

Life is wasted on the trifles.

We can t plan life

We can't plan life. All we can do is be available for it.

When you lose everything

When you lose everything you have, you find the only thing you need.

Take a detour

Take a detour and see the things you might not have seen.

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