Africa's Adventure Capital

Viewing magnificent Victoria Falls is just the beginning in Africa's Adventure Capital!


You can hear the roar and see the mist rise into the air before the falls come into view. Area natives call them “Mosi-oa-tunya” or “the smoke that thunders.” When you finally see Victoria Falls, they take your breath away. The huge curtain of falling water drops more than 100 meters into the mighty Zambezi River. During the rainy season, February to May, the falls are the most impressive. At the time, 500,000 cubic meters of water pour over the falls every minute.

A view from above

While Victoria Falls provides an “oh wow!” moment, the area offers more than just falling water. Don’t be content just to view the falls from the ground. Take a helicopter ride over the falls and see them from above. Or go microlighting at dawn through the mist above the falls. You and your guide ride beneath big kite-like wings that are powered by a small engine. Or if you’re really brave, soak in the Angel’s Armchair, a backwash at the very edge of the falls.

Word Bank:

Mist (n.) 雾气,薄雾
My head and hair got wet as I walked through the mist.

Mighty (adj.) 强有力的,雄伟的
I was impressed by the height of the mighty oak tree.

Pour (v.) 倾泻
During the typhoon, rain poured off the roofs of the buildings.

Helicopter (n.) 直升机
Jeff took a helicopter trip over New York City.


After gazing at the falls, you can choose from other adventures, all promising an adrenaline rush. You’re in “Africa’s Adventure Captial”!

Go white-water rafting on the Zambezi River, the river that provides the world’s greatest white-water adventure. All the rapids are big and fast-grades 4 and 5.

If you want to go through the rapids faster, try jetboating. On the 45-minute trip, you shoot through the rapids to the base of the falls in a powerful boat. Or get right in the water and go riverboading. Going through the rapids while in the water increases the excitement!

A different view

If you prefer to stay above the water, try bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge over the Zambezi. Launch yourself from the bridge, and drop more than 100 meters toward the river with the falls behind you. You can jump alone or with a friend! Believe it or not, three out of four bungee jumpers here are women!

Finish the day by riding through the wilderness along the river on the largest animal in Africa - an elephant. As you admire the scenery, you’ll agree there’s no better place for a spectacular adventure!

Word Bank:

Gaze (v.) 凝视
Pete gazed at the beautiful girl across the room.

Shoot (v.) 飞速通过
The cat shot through the open door trying to get away from the dog.

Bungee jumping (n.) 高空弹跳
If you like high places and the feeling of falling, try bungee jumping.

Launch (v.) 纵身一跃
Jim launched himself off the cliff and then fell into the water.

Spectacular (adj.) 壮观的
Our vacation was spectacular. It was so interesting and fun.

More Information

microlinghting (n.) 乘坐轻型滑翔机
backwash (n.) 回流,(船只造成的)反浪
adrenaline rush (n.) 肾上腺素快速分泌
jetboating (n.) 搭乘喷气快艇
riverboarding (n.) 激流冲浪