Learning to speak a foreign language requires painstaking practice, and if that doesn't work, it might be time to for minor, yet painful oral surgery.

Rhiannon Brooksbank, 19, is so dedicated to mastering Korean that she recently had her unusually short tongue lengthened so she could improve her pronunciation, The Telegraph reported.
《每日电讯》报道,19岁的Rhiannon Brooksbank非常努力的想学好韩语,于是近期做手术把自己比常人短的舌头增长了来提高自己的发音水平。

Brooksbank took up Korean two years ago and quickly became obsessed. Despite her best efforts, her accent failed to develop. Her dentist advised that the problem might be coming from her thicker-than-average lingual frenulum.

After consulting with her parents and language tutor, Brooksbank to undergo a simple operation known as a lingual frenectomy, which involves making an incision in the skin where the tongue is attached. Rhiannon's tongue is now 1 cm longer, and she can pronounce words that she couldn't before the surgery.

Brooksbank-Jones told the Telegraph more about the procedure's results:

'I'd been learning Korean for about two years, and my speaking level is now high, but I was really struggling with particular sounds. My pronunciation was very 'foreign', but now I can speak with a native Korean accent. The surgical procedure was my only option. It's not like you can stretch your tongue otherwise. I just decided enough was enough. For me it was an important thing, because I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and if I can't do it perfectly, it really irritates me."