Prepare yourself for Nikita vs. Alex, fans.

"We’re going to see an Alex and Nikita fight early on [in Season 2], which we really haven’t seen before,” creator Craig Silverstein told us today at Comic-Con.
“在第二季的前几集我们将会看到Alex和Nikita斗得你死我活,严重程度是前所未有的,”该剧制片人Craig Silverstein在国际动漫展上说。

The competition will be “very emotionally driven,” Silverstein added, "ends in a place totally different from where it begins."

Will there be any kind of season two theme? Home, Silverstein said.

“We’ve talked about the idea that every character is searching for home in their own way. Alex is trying to get back to the home that was due to her. Nikita is trying to find a home that she never had. Percy is trying to get back to home.”

Among other season two spoilers:

Owen will return, "funded by a mysterious source," Silverstein said.

We might meet Alex's mother.

We'll see flashbacks to the early days of Division.

“Percy has been banished to probably the coolest set we’ve built yet,” Silverstein said. He'll be "plotting his revenge.”

As for Amanda? "She’s trying to clean up Percy’s mess. She’s trying to turn Division into a more principled place."

Nikita returns on September 23 with an episode titled "Game Change."
《妮基塔》将会在今年9月23号(北京时间9月24号)回归,第二季第一集的标题是“Game Change”。