① Valentine's Day is coming. I am making valentine cards for Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa.

② Clifford wants to help. I give him some paper. He has his own way of cutting out hearts.

③ Clifford likes the smell of the paste. He thinks it would be good to eat. He is wrong. I have to wash out his mouth.

④ After I clean up my sticky red puppy, we finish the valentines. Clifford likes the special card I make for grandma.

⑤ Mom and I go to the post office to mail the cards. Oh-oh. Clifford falls into the dark hole...

⑥ The worker doesn't see Clifford. He takes the letter cart away.

⑦ Mom and I run into the room. We look everywhere, but we can't find him. Suddenly we hear a sound.

⑧ There he is! Clifford is glad to see us. And we are glad to have him back!