Crustacean(Yeti crab)

Crustacean(Yeti crab)  暂译:“叶提”螃蟹

This crustacean was discovered in the South Pacific Ocean in 2005 and is noted for its "fur-like" extensions.


Giant isopods

Giant isopods  巨型等足虫

Giant isopods can be found in the deep sea, primarily in the Atlantic.


Axolotl  蝾螈

The axolotl is a Mexican neotenic mole salamander. Neotenic means that, as adults, it holds onto traits seen in juveniles.


Aye-Aye  狐猴

The aye-aye is a rodent-looking lemur found in Madagascar.


Cicada  蝉

With 2,500 species of cicada insects around the world, some are stranger than others.

Philippine Tarsier

Philippine Tarsier  菲律宾眼镜猴

Although the tarsier's distribution was once widespread, it's now only found in Southeast Asia.

Angora Rabbit

Angora Rabbit  安哥拉兔

The angora rabbit is a domesticated species, known for its cultivated hair.

Leafy Sea Dragon

Leafy Sea Dragon  叶海龙

Related to the sea horse, the leafy sea dragon is good at camouflaging.

Star-Nosed Mole

Star-Nosed Mole  星鼻鼹

The star-nosed mole can be found in eastern Canada and the northeastern United States.