1 Egg Carton House

Stacking up hundreds of reused egg cartons like Lego blocks, Australia-based studio Goldenhen built a life-sized home called "The Original Dream".

2 The Art of Recycling Old Egg Cartons

With his egg cubism — paintings drawn on recycled egg cartons — Dutch artist Enno de Kroon forces his viewers to change their perspective, with stunning results.
荷兰艺术家Enno de Kroon废物利用蛋托,在上面画起了画,立体的蛋托让从不同角度观赏这些画的观众们一种超棒的艺术享受。

3 Egg Carton Lamp

It was originally created by Federico Otero. With the proper lighting and camera, you can make any DIY project appear chic.
这款蛋托吊灯的设计师是Federico Otero。在合适的灯光和拍摄下,你可以让任何一样DIY物件都变得时髦无比。

4 Egg Carton Table

The table is made out of egg cartons, flour paste, soil, and seeds. When water is added, the seeds germinate and the table literally eats itself.

5 Egg Carton Camera

Take a picture with this amazing and creative camera made from egg-carton and a water bottle.

6 Flower Lights from Recycled Egg Cartons

This is an amazing repurposing craft! What a creative way to repurpose egg cartons and make something lovely for your bedroom or to drape in your kid's room for some twinkly fairy lights.