Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva returns this Sunday at 9/8c to deal with the aftermath of last season’s car accident . Series creator Josh Berman and leading lady Brooke Elliott shared with TVLine a preview of Season 3.
Lifetime电视网美剧《美女上错身》第三季将会在本周日(北京时间6月20号)首播。该剧制片人Josh Berman和女主角Brooke Elliott就和TVLine的观众们带来了第三季的最新剧透。

The Season 2 finale ended with Grayson (played by Jackson Hurst) looking up at Jane with a quiet, “Deb?” — but he’ll have trouble remembering that revelatory moment in Sunday’s premiere, thanks to the accident. Still, Berman tells TVLine that Grayson will get “extremely close to the truth [about Jane's identity]” during this new batch of episodes, and in an unexpected manner.

And by the end of the season, he says, Grayson will look at Jane “a whole other way.” Although Jane’s still carrying a torch for her former flame, she’ll spy a different side of him when a conflict puts them at odds for the first time and “makes them both think deeper about their feelings for each other.” Elaborates Elliott: “[Jane is] trying to figure out, ‘Are they still right for each other? Or have they changed too much and maybe their path is something else?’”

When Grayson moves up his wedding to Vanessa (Jaime Ray Newman) – and puts Jane in charge of the wedding plans, as his best man! – Jane will come to realize that maybe it’s time to move on. “She starts dating a neurosurgeon,” reveals Elliott.

But it’s the introduction of Jane’s own ex, a high profile D.A. (guest star Tony Goldwyn, Ghost), that’s got Berman really excited. “She finds out that in her old incarnation, she was having an affair with him,” he explains. “As new Jane, she’s got feelings for him too, so it really is complicated.” Despite all the new men in Jane’s life, Elliott thinks the lady lawyer’s “heart is still with Grayson, and still hoping and praying and wanting that to happen.”
Elliott透露。但这仅仅是为原来的Jane的前男友出现做的铺垫而已,原来的Jane的前男友是位各方面都很完美的地方检察官,Berman很兴奋 的告诉我们。“现在的Jane发现之前的Jane也喜欢他,”他解释道。“现在的Jane也喜欢上了找个人,所以会很复杂。”虽然生命中又出现了其他让 Jane心仪的男人,但是Elliott仍然认为这位女律师“对Grayson仍然抱着一丝希望,并且希望这个愿望早日实现。”