Part IV Reading Comprehension (Reading in depth)

Section A

Questions 47 to 51 are based on the following passage.


47. what is in your boss's mind
48. challenging our boss's authority
49. possible consequences
50. be proposed and reviewed
51. confrontations



47题问的是“我们应当找出…,而不是直接对你的老板说no”;解此题,我们可以定位到文章的第三段The first rule of saying no to the boss is don’t say no. She probably has something in mind when she makes suggestions, and it’s up to you to find out what. 这句话说的是“老板在做建议的时候通常是她的脑子里已经有了一些想法了,而你应该做的就是找出这些想法。”所以应该填“what is in her mind.”

48题明确指出提问的是作者的第二条警告;回到原文The second rule is don’t raise the stakes by challenging her authority. That issue is already decided. “我们不应该冒险挑战老板的权威”。

49题讲的是“对于你老板的建议,你应该…以及给她一个可供选择的解决方案”;回到原文第三段 The third rule is to be ready to cite options and consequences. The boss’s suggestions might be appropriate, but there are always consequences. 后面作者列举了一些例子,都是关于consequences的解释;所以这里应当填possible consequences。

50题讲的是“为了保证公平性,有必要对_______的故事设立一个系统”;回答本题,我们可以回到原文倒数第二段First, you need a system for how stories are proposed and reviewed. 所以应填入be proposed and reviewed。

51题是针对文章的最后一段提问; By anticipating “what if …?” situations before they happen, you can reach understanding that will help ease you out of confrontations. 本句中ease out of和题目中的avoid异曲同工,所以,在这里填入confrontations即可。

总体来说,本篇文章难度适中,所有问题基本都可以从原文中找到答案;特别需要注意的是有个别地方需要考生注意一下格式的对应,比如说第50题的be proposed and reviewed。