Finding the perfect pair of jeans usually requires patience, luck and several frustrating hours behind a changing room curtain. But the process could soon become much simpler thanks to a revolutionary machine which helps women choose the right size, shape and cut.

frustrating: 挫折的;令人沮丧的,泄气的
revolutionary: 革命的,创新的

Previously available only in high-end shops, a 3D body scanner is being trialled on the high street – and promises to point shoppers to denim that fits and flatters. The £35,000 machine could be the solution for women who want to follow Carol Vorderman’s lead with jeans that suit their shape and flatter their curves, but who don’t have time to try on dozens of pairs.

high street: 繁华的商业大街,商业区
denim: 牛仔裤

Using digital white light, the scanner takes measurements from 16 angles and creates a graphic of the customer’s body shape in seconds. With the help of shop staff, the image can then be used to identify jeans that are the ideal size and style.

measurement :测量

The scanner, which is around 10ft tall and 5ft wide, is already in use at the Manchester Arndale shopping centre and is being tested by fashion chain Peacocks, with other high street stores expected to follow suit.

follow suit: 跟着某人做;仿效某人;照着做
shopping centre:购物中心
fashion chain Peacocks: 孔雀时装连锁店

Debs Hatfield, style adviser at Manchester Arndale, said: ‘Before you can find the best fitting jeans for your body shape, you must have a clear understanding of what your body type actually is. ‘That in itself is no easy task since a lot of us aren’t a clear- cut type, but often a mixture of two or more.’ News of the device comes as research by Peacocks found 60 million pairs of jeans are stashed away in wardrobes throughout the country and never worn.

stashed: 存放;贮藏;隐藏

The survey of 2,000 shoppers found that one in five women owns six pairs of jeans they no longer wear due to weight loss or gain. Jane Hotz, director of ladieswear for Peacocks, added: ‘Finding the perfect pair of jeans is one of the most stressful shopping trips a woman has to endure, but it’s also one of life’s great highs when you find jeans that fit great and look fantastic.’

stressful: 紧张的;有压力的
endure: 忍耐,容忍