China's worst drought in more than a half-century is deepening, with more than six million hectares of farmland affected. Both people and livestock are short of drinking water, and the situation is not expected to improve in the coming week either.

Since the start of the year, low rainfall in East China's Fujian Province has delayed the planting of vital crops like peanuts, beans and corn. Usually, the growth period for the white turnip is about fifty days with enough rainfall. But this year, it is taking over seventy days.

Ye Bin, farmer of Fujian Province, "If there is rainfall, it takes about one or two days to germinate. The severe drought in March this year affected its growing a lot. "

Five provinces along the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River are also suffering from the drought.

And according to China's Meteorological Bureau, sunny and cloudless weather will dominate in the region in the coming week.

Wang Yongguan, weather forecaster of China Meteorological Bureau, said, "Northeast winds control the south of the Yangtze River, so the warm and humid air is weak, causing less rainfall. As rain season is coming in the middle and lower reaches of the river, drought will hopefully be eased soon."

The parched conditions have left millions lacking drinking water, and power shortages are widespread.

Some rainfall last weekend was not enough to ease the drought, and water in reservoirs remains at a low level.


growth period:发育期
white turnip:白萝卜
Yangtze River:长江
China's Meteorological Bureau:中国气象局
weather forecaster:天气预报员
rain season:雨季
power shortage:电力短缺