He graduated from Klein Oak High School in 1991.

Because he was intrigued by hurricane Alicia, Jim took a meteorology class in college but failed it due to his theater commitments.

Jim has auditioned with 15 TV pilot episodes which eventually did not push through. His first pilot was Fox`s Blitt Happens directed by the Farrelly Brothers.
吉姆曾经参加过15部美剧试镜,结果纷纷杯具。他的试镜处女作是Fox电视网由法拉利兄弟指导的的《Blitt Happens》。

Jim attended graduate school at San Diego/The Old Globe Theater on a scholarship.被San Diego/The Old Globe Theater.

Jim appeared for commercials of, Quiznos toasted subs Stride gum, DiGiorno frozen pizza, a bank, and a health care product.
吉姆拍过各种商业广告,包括Quiznos toasted subs 、口香糖、披萨、银行以及医疗产品等。

Jim drew some attention for his FedEx commercial wherein he played a lazy employee who kept his job only because he was the boss` son.

Jim did a short-term job for a construction company to make ends meet.


make ends meet 维持生计、靠微薄的收入生活

Jim`s father died in a car accident in 2001.

Jim`s dad was president of a plumbing supply company. His mom is a first-grade teacher. His sister is also a teacher.

Jim worked as an assistant to Megan Halverson in Microsoft Sidewalk in Houston.
吉姆曾经为微软Sidewalk(微软的某业务)的Megan Halverson做过助手。

Jim`s theatrical credits include Endgame, Guys and Dolls, and The Balcony.
吉姆参演过《终局》、《红男绿女》和《The Balcony》等剧的演出。

Jim loves to play the piano.

Jim enjoys watching sports, especially basketball, baseball, and tennis.

Jim helped create a non-profit theater company named Infernal Bridegroom Productions while he was studying at University of Houston.
在休斯敦大学读书的时候,吉姆帮忙参与过建设一家叫做Infernal Bridegroom Productions的非盈利剧院。

As of 2007, Jim resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Jim`s other movie credits include Gardener of Eden, On the Road with Judas, The King`s Inn, and The Great New Wonderful.

Jim hangs out a lot with Simon Helberg, Howard in The Big Bang Theory show.
吉姆很喜欢和《生活大爆炸》里扮演Howard的演员Simon Helbery出去玩。(猥琐的Howard~)

Jim likes to play bowling on the Wii. They have on the set`s game room.

Jim`s favorite character in The Big Bang Theory is Penny.

Jim enjoys crosswords puzzles.

Jim considers himself a `political junkie` and loves listening to talk radio.

Jim and the rest of the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory play ping pong.

Jim likes to go to bed really early.

Jim likes to go clothes shopping and to drink Diet Coke.

Jim watches LOST.

Jim is 6`2" (1.88 m) tall.

Jim`s favorite show growing up was Three`s Company.

Jim`s first play was when he was in first grade and he played a bird.

Jim`s sister is three years younger than him and she is married and has a son.