In the wake of picking up several new series to order, the network has axed five shows — the action-packed Human Target, crime dramas Lie to Me and The Chicago Code , and freshman comedies Breaking In and Traffic Light, Deadline reports.

Human Target, starring Mark Valley, only averaged 6.33 million viewers in its second season, while Lie to Me, headlined by Tim Roth, pulled in an average of 5.84 million viewers for Season 3.
由Mark Valley挑大梁的《人肉标靶》第二季平均每集只有633万观众,而Tim Roth主演的《别对我说谎》第三季则跌到了每集平均只有584万观众收看。

First-year cop drama The Chicago Code averaged 6.77 million viewers in the 11 episodes aired so far. According to HitFix, the remaining episodes will still air. As for the Christian Slater workplace comedy Breaking In, it's averaged 7.83 million viewers over the five episodes that have aired. The relationship comedy Traffic Light has averaged 3.66 million viewers in its 11 outings.

In happier news, Fox is the first network to reveal its series orders for the comedies I Hate My Teenage Daughter and The New Girl and dramas Finder and Alcatraz.
几家欢喜几家愁,Fox电视网率先宣布了新订剧集,得到Fox预定的新剧有《I Hate My Teenage Daughter 》、《The New Girl》以及《Finder and Alcatraz》。(新剧国内暂无统一中文名)