51. __ I love you, I should never consider marrying you.
  A. Whether 
  B. Also 
  C. However 
  D. Much as
52. I wish I hadn't been so busy this morning, otherwise I __ you with the cleaning.
  A. will have helped
  B. should help 
  C. could have helped 
  D. could help
53. I'd rather you __ make any comments on the issue for the time being.
  A. don't 
  B. wouldn't 
  C. didn't 
  D. shouldn't
54. Just as there are occupations that require college or even higher degrees, so too are there occupations __ technical training is necessary.
  A. for which 
  B. in which 
  C. to which 
  D. at which
55. She sat on the bench in the park, her chin __ in her hand.
  A. was cupped 
  B. cupped 
  C. cupping 
  D. to be cupped
56. I __ advise you not to do that again in the future.
  A. dare 
  B. would 
  C. should 
  D. need
57. The atmosphere is as much a part of the earth as __ its soil and the water of its lakes, rivers and oceans.
  A. are 
  B. is 
  C. do 
  D. has
58. If negotiations for the new trade agreements take __, critical food shortages will develop in several countries.
  A. too much longer 
  B. much long too 
  C. too many longer 
  D. much too long
59. Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true__ comes to classroom tests.
  A. when 
  B. since 
  C. before 
  D. after
60. I recommend that the planning __ until all the materials have been supplied.
  A. is not started 
  B. will not be started
  C. not be started 
  D. is not to be started
61. Greatly agitated, I rushed to the apartment and tried the door, __ to find it locked.
  A. just 
  B. only 
  C. hence 
  D. thus
62. When he arrived, he found ___ the aged and the sick at home.
  A. none but 
  B. none other than 
  C. nothing but 
  D. no other than
63. As 4 to 8, ____ 8 is to 16.
  A. as 
  B. so 
  C. that 
  D. which
64. According to some educators, the goal of teaching is to help students learn what __ to know to live a well-adjusted and successful  life.
  A. do they need 
  B. they need 
  C. they are needed 
  D. as they may need
65. If ever again ____ happens an accident like this, we will have only ourselves to blame.
  A. it 
  B. so 
  C. there 
  D. that
66. An ambulance must have priority as it usually has to deal with some kind of __
  A. crisis 
  B. emergency 
  C. urgency 
  D. emergence
67. She was complaining that the doctor was __ too much for the treatment he was giving her.
  A. expending 
  B. offering 
  C. costing 
  D. charging
68. The patient's health failed to such an extent that he was put into __ care.
  A. tense 
  B. rigid 
  C. intensive 
  D. tight
69. Although architecture has artistic qualities, it must also satisfy a number of important practical __
  A. obligations 
  B. regulations 
  C. observations 
  D. considerations
70. Too much __ to X-rays can cause skin burns, cancer or other damage to the body.
  A. disclosure 
  B. exhibition 
  C. contact 
  D. exposure
71. In his last years, Henry suffered from a disease that slowly __ him of much of his sight.
  A. relieved 
  B. jeopardized 
  C. deprived 
  D. eliminated
72. Plastics today contribute to a wide __ of industries.
  A. field 
  B. area 
  C. scope 
  D. range
73. Watching me pulling the calf awkwardly to the barn, the Irish milkmaid fought hard to __ her laughter.
  A. hold back 
  B. hold on
  C. hold out 
  D. hold up
74. If you get into a bath full of water, some of the water will __ onto the floor.
  A. overlap 
  B. overflow 
  C. flourish 
  D. flutter
75. He did write a wonderful book, but it was just a __ in the pan.
  A. flare 
  B. gleam 
  C. flash 
  D. glisten
76. The Beatles, the most famous British band of the 1960s, traveled worldwide for many years, __ cultural barriers.
  A. transporting 
  B. transplanting 
  C. transferring 
  D. transcending
  77. The meeting was so prolonged and exhausting that __ the speakers stopped for refreshments.
  A. at ease 
  B. at random 
  C. at intervals 
  D. at large
  78. The relationship between employers and employees has been studied __
  A. originally 
  B. extremely 
  C. violently 
  D. intensively
  79. Johnson's news report covering the conference was so __ that nothing had been omitted.
  A. understanding 
  B. comprehensible 
  C. comprehensive 
  D. understandable
   80. The new edition of the encyclopedia __ many improvements, which is the result of the persistent effort of all the compilers.
  A. embedded 
  B. embodied 
  C. enchanted 
  D. enclosed