1. It is not who rules us __ is important, but how he rules us.
  A. what 
  B. that 
  C. / 
  D. which

2. More than one student___ ever been to the Great Wall.
  A. have 
  B. has 
  C. had 
  D. was

3. As you worked late last night, you __ have come this morning.
  A. needn't 
  B. shouldn't 
  C. can't 
  D. mustn't

4, If only the committee __ the regulations and put them into effect as possible.
  A. approve 
  B. will approve 
  C. can approve 
  D. would approve

5. We were to__ the school bus to get to the museum, but it was broken, so we had to take the subway.
  A. take 
  B. have taken
  C. to be taking 
  D. to have been taking

6. The policeman declared that the blow on the victim's head __ from behind.
  A. should have been made 
  B. must have been made
  C. would have been made 
  D. ought to have been made

7. It is not his illness___ much as idleness that ruined him so much.
  A. that 
  B. as 
  C. so 
  D. very

8. The teacher told us nothing __ difficult if we put our hearts into it.
  A. is 
  B. was 
  C. will be 
  D. were

9. Whether or not the next plan will yield any positive results __ to be seen.
  A. remain 
  B. remains 
  C. is remained 
  D. have remained

10. She could not have believed it, but that she___ it.
  A. had seen 
  B. see 
  C. saw 
  D. would see

11. A dark suit is preferable __ a light one for evening wear.
  A. to 
  B. than 
  C. for 
  D. against

12. He knows little of physics, and __ of math.
  A. even more 
  B. still less 
  C. no less 
  D. still more

13. Which of the following adverbs can NOT be used to complete "it is___ too difficult"?
  A. rather 
  B. much 
  C. far 
  D. quite

14. Which of the following is INCORRECT?
  A. We know what each other thinks. 
  B. They know one another's weak points.
  C. None of the books is interesting: 
  D. He didn't stay there so long as she.

15. "I was going to see the film, but he reminded me of seeing it before." The sentence means that
  A. he reminded me to see the film, and I would go to see it.
  B. I was about to see the film, but he reminded me that I had seen it before.
  C. I wouldn't remember to see the film if he didn't remind me.
  D. I forget that I have seen the film before if he didn't remind me.

16. Get to the point, don't __ about the bush.
  A. beat 
  B. hit 
  C. blow 
  D. strike

17. He holds that education should place more __ on logic thinking, and education of emotion is of little use.
  A. importance 
  B. significance 
  C. stress 
  D. emphasis

18. Tom wasn't paid because he was the __ secretary of the association.
  A. honorable 
  B. honor 
  C. honored 
  D. honorary

19. Her letter was in such a casual scrawl, and in such pale ink, that it was __
  A. unintelligible B. vague C. ambiguous D. illegible

20. Because of the___ of its ideas, the book was in wide circulation both at home and abroad.
  A. originality 
  B. subjectivity 
  C. generality 
  D. ambiguity

21. The juvenile delinquent was released in ___ of his good behavior.
  A. case 
  B. way 
  C. view 
  D. event

22. People who live in small towns often seem more friendly than those living in __ populated areas.
  A. densely 
  B. intensely 
  C. abundantly 
  D. extremely

23. If you find this item too difficult to ____, it is advisable to leave as it is and move on to the next one.
  A. work out 
  B. work on 
  C. work for 
  D. work at
24. We are doing this work in the ___ of reforms in the economic, social and cultural spheres.
  A. context 
  B. contest 
  C. pretext 
  D. texture

25. In our team, no person ___ Tom could finish this tough task in such a short time.
  A. better than 
  B. rather than 
  C. other than 
  D. more than
26. The city is an important railroad __ and industrial and convention center.
  A. conjunction 
  B. network 
  C. junction 
  D. link

27. A qualified teacher should have good manners and __ knowledge.
  A. extensive 
  B. expansive 
  C. intensive 
  D. expensive

28. It is reported that many people were hurt when the two buses
  A. bumped 
  B. crashed 
  C. collided 
  D. struck

29. Californians and New Englanders speak the same language and __ by the same federal laws.
  A. stand 
  B. conform 
  C. abide 
  D. sustain

30. The meeting was ___ over by the mayor to discuss the tax raise in the city.
  A. presumed 
  B. propelled 
  C. presided 
  D. pricked