Hugh Jackman is set to star alongside Kristen Stewart in Universal Studio's Snow White And The Huntsman, after issues with his film The Wolverine.

Jackman's Wolverine sequel has been beset with problems – Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky pulled out of the project last month, while filming plans have had to be rethought after the recent tsunami in Japan.
休·杰克曼主演的《金刚狼》续集碰上了种种麻烦——先是《黑天鹅》的导演Darren Aronofsky上月宣布退出影片的拍摄,紧接着又碰上了日本海啸,拍摄计划不得不重新考虑。

Universal Studios have decided to take advantage of these issues by offering Jackman the role of the huntsman in their version of Snow White and the Huntsman, according to Deadline.

The part was rumoured to be going to Lord of the Rings star Viggo Mortensen, but he has since pulled out of negotiations for the role, leaving Universal hoping to boost the star power of their film with X-Men star Jackman.
此前有传言,该角色会有《指环王》中的影星Viggo Mortensen来饰演,但Viggo没有继续为这个角色和环球商讨,于是环球希望能邀请到休·杰克曼,以此来提升影片的明星效应。

There are currently two movie versions of the fairytale in the making, by Universal Studios and Relativity Media.
目前有两家公司都在制作这部童话电影,分别是环球电影公司和Relativity Media公司。

Universal's version sees Twilight star Kristen Stewart playing Snow White and Charlize Theron playing the evil queen, while Relatively Media's as-yet-untitled film sees Lily Collins take the leading role with Julia Roberts as the evil queen.
在环球拍摄的这一版中,“吸血鬼恋人”克里斯汀·斯图尔特将扮演白雪公主,查理兹·塞隆扮演邪恶的王后。而Relativity Media公司的影片还未命名,但将由Lily Collins出演主角,邪恶的王后则由茱莉亚·罗伯茨扮演。