Open up most fashion magazines and you will see incredibly thin models with impossible hair and wearing unreasonably expensive, impracticably styled clothes. But shouldn't clothes be comfortably durable and make a principle of being simple for the individual who wears them? Why are we constantly told that we need to buy new clothes and add fresh pieces to our collection?

Fashions change year after year so lots of people can make piles of money. If folks are convinced that they need a different look each season, that this year's sweater's length and shoes style are important, they can be persuaded to buy. The fashion industry would have you ignore your shortcomings and just make you feel beautiful and happy. In fact it is not only a phenomenon we can find in people's dressing.

Fashion controls our lives. Fashion controls what we wear, what we eat, what we drink, the way we cut our hair, the makeup We buy and use, the color of the cars we drive. Fashion even controls our ideas.

You don't believe me? How many. Of your friends are vegetarians? Why are they vegetarians? Because it is fashionable!

Where does fashion come from? Often the reasons are quite logical. Scientists and historians study the fashions of the past and discover the secrets of each fashion.

When girls see an attractive guy, their blood pressure rises and their lips become redder. That's why guys think that girls wearing lipstick are beautiful.

Why do guys shave their heads? In the past soldiers shaved their heads to kill the insects that lived in their hair. Now guys shave their heads so that they look strong and masculine, like soldiers.

People spend a lot of time and money on fashion. But are they wasting their money? Changes in fashion help to develop new technologies. Changes in style create work for people all over the world. Many people work in the fashion industry, particularly in the fashion capitals of London, New York, Paris and Milan.

And finally, fashion makes you feel good, doesn't it? When you are dressed in the latest style, dancing to the most fashionable music, after watching the latest hit film, you feel great, don't you?

1. What's the author's viewpoint about the models and their hairstyles and clothes?
  A. Unbiased. 
  B. Indifferent. 
  C. Critical. 
  D. Appreciative.

2. It is indicated by the author that clothes should be
  A. comfortable and durable. 
  B. new and fresh.
  C. expensive and fashionable. 
  D. simple and unique

3. The fashion industry makes profits by
  A. selling the products at high prices. 
  B. creating a need in you.
  C. helping you get rid of your shortcomings. 
  D. making you look more beautiful.

4. The author thinks what has been found about fashions by the scientists and the. historians is
  A. incredible. 
  B. amazing. 
  C. reasonable. 
  D. creative.

5. The passage mentions the advantages of fashion EXCEPT that
  A. it can help promote technological development. 
  B. it enables people to remain up-to-date.
  C. it can create more job opportunities for people. 
  D. it can make people achieve a great feeling.