51. He advised Jane __ anyone about the shortages of food.
  A. not telling 
  B. not tell 
  C. tell not 
  D. not to tell
52. He operates the new machine as if he __ special training in it.
  A. has received 
  B. had received 
  C. would receive 
  D. received
53. It is very kind of you to do the washing-up, but you __ it.
  A. mustn't have done 
  B. shouldn't have done
  C. oughtn't to have done 
  D. didn't have to do
54. __., he does get annoyed with her sometimes.
  A. Although much he likes her 
  B. Much although he likes her
  C. As he likes her much 
  D. Much as he likes her
55. The newly broadened stadium is __ of the previous one.
  A. the size of three times 
  B. three times the size
  C. as much as the three times size 
  D. three times more than the size
56. I hope that the little __ I've been able to do has been of some use.
  A. which 
  B. what 
  C. that 
  D. when
57. I like __ in the autumn when the weather is clear and bright.
  A. this 
  B. that 
  C. it 
  D. one
58. I like to play the piano but I can't play it well. ___ Sophie.
  A. As is the same with 
  B It is the same with
  C. So it is the same as 
  D. So is it with
59. In vain __ to get in touch with the Embassy.
  A. they tried 
  B. tried they 
  C. did they try 
  D. they have tried
60. He had hardly finished the article __ the light went out.
  A. as 
  B. until 
  C. than 
  D. when
61. What a pity! Considering his ability and experience, he __ better.
  A. needn't have done 
  B. must have done
  C. couldn't have done 
  D. could have done
62. "He's no more able to read Japanese than I am." The sentence means that
  A. neither he nor I am able to read Japanese. 
  B. I can read Japanese but he can't.
  C. my Japanese is better than him. 
  D. both he and I are able to read Japanese.
63. Which of the following can be used to complete "You'd better do it by yourself, __ you?"
  A. hadn't 
  B. wouldn't 
  C. didn't 
  D. don't
64. In "What do you think he likes?" what is __ of the sentence.
  A. the subject 
  B. the adverbial 
  C. the object 
  D. the complement
65, "He is the last person to be fit for the job." has all the following possible meanings EXCEPT
  A. He is the one that isn't fit for the job. 
  B. He is the one that is not suitable for the job.
  C. He is the fittest person for the job. 
  D. He might be the person that is least wanted.
66. You shouldn't __ your father's instructions. Anyway he is an experienced teacher.
  A. deduce 
  B. deliberate 
  C. defy 
  D. denounce
67. The new underground railway will ___the journey to all parts of the city.
  A. consume 
  B. eliminate 
  C. formulate 
  D. facilitate
68. The new" secretary has written a remarkably __ report only in a few pages but with all the details.
  A. concise 
  B. clear 
  C. precise 
  D. elaborate
69. Now a paper in Science argues that organic chemicals in the rock come mostly from __ on earth rather than bacteria on Mars.
  A. configuration 
  B. constitution 
  C. condemnation 
  D. contamination
70. The city will __ these buildings to make room for the new highway.
  A. tear off 
  B. tear out 
  C. tear away 
  D. tear down
71. If anyone wants to be __ by others, wealth, clothing or physical attractiveness are not requirements.
  A. respectful 
  B. respective 
  C. respectable 
  D. respected
72. The little girl was so frightened that she just wouldn't __ her grip on my arm.
  A. loosen 
  B. remove 
  C. relieve 
  D. dismiss
73. Bob isn't __, but he did badly in the final exams last semester.
  A. gloomy 
  B. dull 
  C. awkward 
  D. tedious
74. My tutor, frequently reminds me to ___ myself of every chance to improve my English.
  A. assure 
  B. inform 
  C. avail 
  D. notify
75. Fashion designers are rarely concerned with vital things like warmth, comfort and __
  A. stability 
  B. capability 
  C. durability 
  D. availability
76. Optimism is a ___ shown to be associated with good physical health, less depression and longer life.
  A. trail 
  B. trait 
  C. trace 
  D. track
77. The newly-elected president is determined to __ the established policy of developing agriculture.
  A. go for 
  B. go on 
  C. go by 
  D. go up
78. I am so busy that I only go home to visit my folks once in a blue moon. The italicized phrase means __
  A. rarely 
  B. barely 
  C. now and then 
  D. one a year
79. A man's worth lies not___ in what he has as in what he is.
  A. so much 
  B. much so 
  C. too much 
  D. much too
80. It is well known that knowledge is the __ condition for expansion of mind.
  A. incompatible 
  B. incredible 
  C. indefinite 
  D. indispensable