So sad. At 130 pounds, 3-year-old Lu Hao, from China, weighs five times more than normal kids his age. The problem is, his distraught parents have tried to stop their toddler from gorging on food, but they are completely afraid of him! WHAT!? They say he throws terrible tantrums if he doesn’t get his way.
杯具。中国小朋友Lu Hao虽然才三岁,体重已经有130磅(约118斤),他的体重是正常同龄孩子的5倍。他的父母十分忧虑,也试图不让他吃那么多,但是他们已经怕了这个孩子了!他们说如果不让Lu Hao如愿吃饱的话,Lu Hao就会大发脾气。

“We have to let him be, as if we don’t feed him he will cry nonstop,” his mom Chen Huan from Guangdong Province, tells UK’s The Sun. They have tried to cut down his meals in the past, but Lu has gained a whopping 22 pounds this year alone.
“我们只能让他这样,如果一不让他吃他就哭个不停,”来自广东省的Chen Huan告诉英国《太阳报》说。他们曾经试图减少他的餐量,但是Lu Hao在今年短短一年内年还是长了22磅。

Ironically, Lu was born underweight at 5.7 lbs, but started packing on the pounds once he reached 3-months-old. Lu’s dad, Lu Yuncheng, struggles to pick his toddler son up, adding, “His appetite is so good that for a meal he can eat three big bowls of rice, even larger than I and his mother.”
然而让人觉得讽刺的是,Lu出生时体重还没超过5.7磅,但是从他3个月大开始体重就开始猛增,父亲Lu Yuncheng也曾努力让孩子的情况好转,他说,“他的胃口好到一餐饭可以吃三大碗米饭,他的饭量比我和他妈妈的还要大。”

Lu is no longer attending nursery school, in fear that he might harm the other children, so he usually is isolated at home. And although he plays and swims, he loses his breath and gets tired very easily.
由于害怕他会伤害幼儿园的其他孩子们,Lu Hao已经没有上幼儿园了,所以现在的Lu Hao经常独自在家。虽然他也会玩耍和游泳,但他经常会喘不过气,也很容易感到疲劳。

“He can expect joint damage, high blood pressure, heart trouble and diabetes,” The Sun’s Dr. Carol Cooper explains. “A few youngsters with eating problems have a hormone disorder, but in this case it seems that Lu Hao’s family have simply fed him much more than he needs.”
“可以想象肥胖给他身体带来的连带损害,比如高血压、心脏病和糖尿病,”《太阳报》专家Carol Cooper说。“某些孩子们的饮食问题可能是激素紊乱导致,但是单从这个案例来看,可能仅仅是由于Lu Hao的家庭给他摄入的营养大大多于他的身体所需。”