1 hot air balloon 热气球

Let’s travel around the world in a hot air balloon.我们乘热气球去环游世界吧。

2 realize v. 了解;领悟

I didn’t realize that this was a formal dinner party.我不晓得这是正式晚宴。

3 reduce v. 减少;降低

The department store has reduced its prices by half.这家百货公司把商品价格打了对折。

4 height n. 高度

Three meters isn’t enough height for the trucks and buses to pass through.三米对卡车和公车来说不够高,无法通过。

5 hover v. 盘旋

In the corn field the farmer could see a space ship hover about ten meters from the ground.该名农夫在玉米田看到一艘太空船在离地十米处盘旋着。

6 Information Technology 信息技术

I am studying Information Technology on the Internet.我在网络上学习信息技术。

7 technically adv. 技术上

Technically, it isn’t my birthday for another twelve hours since I was born in a different time zone.技术上来说,另外十二个小时不是我生日,因为我是在另一个时区出生的。

8 correct adj. 正确的

The correct answer to the puzzle of the week is: four hundred and twenty.本周谜题的正确答案是:四百二十。

9 no use 没用的

It’s no use trying to escape; we’re doomed.想逃是没用的,我们失败了。

10 management n. 管理;经营

I went to a management skills meeting last summer.我去年夏天参加了一个关于管理技巧的会议。

11 balloonist n. 气球驾驶者

The balloonist liked to deep sea dive as a hobby.该名气球驾驶员喜欢把深海潜泳当做嗜好。

12 position n. 位置;职位

My first position in the company was mail clerk; now I’m senior vice-president.我在公司的第一份工作是邮务员,现在则是资深副总裁。

13 fault n. 错误

I admit that it was my fault we lost our biggest and most important client.失去我们最大而且最重要的客户,我承认是我的错。



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