1 lady gaga bodysuit

Lady G wears a sheer cat suit with over-the-knee boots for her outing in Paris.
Lady Gaga穿着透明猫女紧身衣配着过膝长靴出现在巴黎。

2 lady gaga evening dress

Lady Gaga wears a dramatic floor length black dress with a veil and sunglasses.
Lady Gaga穿着梦幻及地长裙头戴黑色面纱和墨镜。

3 lady gaga butterfly sunglasses

Lady Gaga donned black framed sunglasses with her pantless ensemble.

4 lady gaga leather jacket

Lady Gaga wears a black leather jacket--with no pants!

5 lady gaga evening dress

The always dramatic Lady G leaves the Chez Andre restaurant in a floor length embellished evening gown and circular purple-hued shades.
到哪里都如此引人注目的Lady Gaga在离开Chez Andre餐厅时,以一身及地晚礼服搭配紫色圆墨镜现身。

6 lady gaga blazer

Lady Gaga wears a sheer vinyl leopard print body suit over fishnets for her "Monster Ball" tour.
Lady Gaga穿着豹女装搭配着渔网袜出现在“Monster Ball”巡回演唱会的舞台上。

7 lady gaga bob

Lady G wears her short blond bob and funky glasses with this ensemble.

8 lady gaga nail polish

Lady Gaga has some ferocious sharp nails painted in a dark polish.
Lady Gaga想展示自己长长尖尖指甲上的深色指甲油。

9 lady gaga platform pumps

Lady Gaga never leaves home without an eye catching pair of heels.

10 lady gaga red lipstick

Lady Gaga paired her now infamous meat dress with a classic red lip.
Lady Gaga的臭名昭著的鲜肉装搭配经典口红。