1till n. 柜台所存现金

There’s not much in the till. 柜台的现金不多。

2 cash v. 兑现

Local checks usually take one day to cash. 当地支票通常只需一天就能兑现。

3 government n. 政府

The government will impose a higher penalty on drunk driving. 政府对酒后驾车将处以较高的罚金。

4 issue v. 核发

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues visas. 外交部负责核发签证。

5 assistance n. 辅助;协助

He’s glad to be of any assistance. 他很高兴能帮上忙。

6 check  n. 支票

He wrote a check to pay for the house. 他开支票买房子。

7 single mom n. 单亲妈妈

Lily chose to be a single mom. 莉莉选择当个单亲妈妈。

8 raise v. 抚养

The mother raised her five children on her own. 那位母亲独自抚养五个孩子。

9 no longer 不再

The old buildings no longer exist in the capital. 在首都再也看不到旧大楼。

10 out of work 没有工作

Bill is out of work because of a big mistake. 比尔因为犯下大错而被解雇。

11 confidence  n. 自信

Tom should have confidence in himself. 汤姆应该对他自己有自信。

12 employment n. 工作

She found employment with the city government. 她在市政府找了份工作。

13 put sth. in motion 付诸行动

Andrew put in motion the program to raise the funds. 安德鲁将计划付诸行动以募得资金。

14 organize v. 组织

They will organize a sewing union. 他们将组织一个缝纫社团。

15 workshop n. 研讨会

You are always welcome to the workshop anytime. 欢迎你随时来研讨会。

16 role model n. 模范

The leader acted as a role model to all the members. 领导人是所有会员的效法对象。

17 day care 托儿所

Nancyis looking for suitable day care for her child. 南西在帮她的孩子找适合的托儿所。

18 resume n. 履历

Helen is required to submit a resume. 海伦必须提交履历。

19 local adj. 地方的

I found a job at the local post office. 我在当地一家邮局找到工作。

20 sponsor  n. 赞助者

Do they have any sponsors? 他们有赞助者吗?

21 cover v. 足够支付

The insurance is not enough to cover the hospital bill. 保险金额不够支付住院的全额费用。

22 babysitting  n. 带孩子

Maria spent the whole morning babysitting. 玛莉亚一整个早上都在当保姆。

23 transportation n. 交通工具

Most citizens rely on public transportation. 大部分的市民都仰赖大众交通工具。

24 gain v. 获得

Fred gained a lot of experience at his job. 弗瑞德获得了许多工作经验。

25 positive adj. 正面的

Daniel doesn’t have a positive attitude towards life. 丹尼尔并没有积极的生活态度。



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