Unit 7 Help for Single Moms 帮助单亲妈妈

Donald works in a bank and day after day he sees women come to his till and cash government issued assistance checks. Most of these women are single moms who receive money from the government to help raise their babies.

The problem is, once their child turns three years old, the parent no longer receives money and needs to find work. Most mothers have been out of work for so long, they don’t have the skills or confidence to find employment.

Donald came up with an idea. Right away, he put his plan in motion and organized a two-day workshop. At the workshop, he had women role models from the community come give speeches. There were workshops on how to find the right day care, how to write a resume and find information on jobs.

He had local businesses sponsor the women. They donated money needed to cover babysitting for the weekend and transportation. The women who attended gained skills, confidence and a support group that helped them make positive changes for themselves and their child.



【美】 Meredith Walker 著   陈怡芬 译