Katie Holmes‘ marriage to Tom Cruise has reportedly hit a rough patch. According to In Touch the couple, who married in Italy in 2006, are living separate lives. And while their relationship is in trouble, they’re letting their daughter Suri do whatever she wants. “Suri definitely calls all the shots,” a friend of the couple tells the magazine.
有报道称凯蒂·赫尔姆斯和汤姆·克鲁斯的婚姻生活有矛盾。《In Touch》报道这对2006年步入婚姻殿堂的夫妻目前处于分居状态。而在他们感情进退维谷的时候,却让他们的女儿苏芮为所欲为。”苏芮对所有事情都要掌握绝对的控制权,“这对夫妇的一位好友告诉杂志说。

“Suri doesn’t have a set bedtime, and her parents treat her like an adult,” says the friend. Amazing — she’s only 4 years old but she’s allowed to stay up as late as she wants! They also let her wear makeup and high heels and reportedly spend $50,000 a month on clothes and toys!

Sounds like Hollywood has a new diva to deal with because while visiting Katie on the set of her latest film Jack And Jill she totally took charge. And if she wasn’t granted her request right away, she’d throw a fit. “

According to the insider, Tom, 48, and Katie’s devotion to Scientology is the reason that Suri’s so spoiled. The religion encourages parents to let their children make decisions for themselves.