When Clare woke up the next morning,the sky was grey and the sun was not shining.The fireplace in the room was full of cold ashes.The two full glasses of wine still stood untouched on the table.

解析:fireplace 壁炉
eg:There was a portrait of his wife over the marble fireplace.

ash 灰烬、灰
eg: A big fire made this famous hotel to ash.

When the cleaning woman came,he sent her away,not wanting a third person in the house He found wood to make a fire,and prepared breakfast.People passing the farmhouse saw the smoke rising from the chimney,and envied the newly- married couple in their happiness.

解析:envy 嫉妒、妒忌;羡慕 可以作动词也可以作名词
eg:She dressed with an individual flair, I rather envy her.

‘Breakfast is ready!’he called upstairs in a normal voice.

Tess came down immediately.She was already dressed,but her hands and face were cold.She had no fire in her bedroom, where she had been sitting waiting for his call,and staring at the dying mistletoe.Clare's polite words gave her a moment of hope,which died,however,when she saw his face.

They were both,in fact,the ashes of their former fires. After last night's passionate sorrow,they both felt heavy and lacking in energy.

解析:passionate 热情的、热烈的、激昂的
eg: True happiness comes when you do what you are most passionate about.