1 rescue v. 营救

The life boat was sent out to rescue the tourists from the sinking ship. 已派遣救生船前往营救那艘沉船上的观光客。

2 woods n. 森林

They went camping in the woods. 他们在森林里露营。

3 come across 碰巧遇见

I came across an old friend last night. 我昨晚碰巧遇见一个老朋友。

4 lay v. 放在

Please lay the letters on the table. 请把信放在桌上。

5 trail n. 羊肠小径

You have to avoid the trails alone. 你最好避免在晚上单独走小路。

6 bend v. 弯腰

She bent down and kissed the little dog. 她弯下身子亲吻那只小狗。

7 proper adj. 适当的

He wondered whether it would be proper to wait at her door.


8 meal n. 餐

We had a solid meal. 我们吃得很饱。

9 skin n. 皮

She peeled off the skin of an apple for the child. 她帮孩子削掉苹果皮。

10 cut n. 伤口

The cut on her finger is healing well. 她手指上的伤口痊愈得很好。

11 put into 放进

She put old clothes into a box. 她把旧衣服放到箱子里。

12 straight adv. 直接地

Go straight down the road and then turn left. 这条路直走,然后左转。

13 bath n. 洗澡水

The bath is too cold. 洗澡水太冷。

14 sink n. 洗手台

The housewife always keeps the sink dry. 家庭主妇总是保持洗手台的干燥。

15 discover v. 发现

I discovered that the man was a quack. 我发现那个男人很聒噪。

16 pup n. 小狗

The boy is playing with the pups. 那个男孩正在和小狗玩。

17 feed v. 喂食

We feed the cattle every day. 我们每天喂牲口。

18 vet n. 兽医

She dreamed to be a vet. 她梦想着要当兽医。

19 tiny adj. 极小的

Fleas are tiny insects. 跳蚤是很小的昆虫。

20 n. medicine 药

Take your medicine on time. 要准时吃药。

 21 keep v. 养宠物

She needs a larger place to keep all her cats. 她需要大一点的地方才能养她所有的猫。

 22 allergic adj. 过敏的

I’m allergic to pines. 我对松树过敏。

 23 post v. 张贴

Carol post the ad on the bulletin board. 凯萝在布告栏张贴广告。

 24 n. picture  照片

I took a picture of my pet snake. 我帮我的宠物蛇拍了张照片。

 25 Internet n. 网际网络

We can find almost any information on the Internet. 我们几乎可以在网络上找到任何资讯。



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