Unit2 Creating Your Own Success创造属于你自己的成功

The year was 1993 and due to the recession people were losing their jobs and their homes. Katy Stiles was one of these people. She had to find a cheaper apartment and figure out a way to get back on her feet.

Katy was a talented graphic designer and should have had no problem finding work, but no one was hiring. She decided to start her own business. She sent a proposal to Focus, an agency that helps people start up small businesses. The agency is funded by the government and doesn’t require its clients to pay any fees for their services. This was great news for Katy. She had 15 sessions with a counselor who gave her information on finance planning, writing a strong business plan and instructed her on good business practices.

Now Katy has a successful graphic design company that gives its clients fantastic results. Katy had the talent but not the skills to make her own business. With a little help from the right people, Katy has been successful in meeting her goal.



【美】 Meredith Walker 著   陈怡芬 译