The nights were as hot as the days. Angel Clare could not sleep. He went out into the darkness to think over what had happened that afternoon. He had come as a student of farming to this dairy, thinking he would be here only a short time. He thought it would be a quiet place. From here he could observe the great world outside, before plunging back into it. But the world outside had lost its interest, and the quiet place was now the centre of all feeling.

解析:think over 仔细考虑、重新思考
eg: The committee have thought carefully over this plan.

plunge 投入、陷入、跳进
eg: He ran to the edge of the swimming pool and plunged in.

Clare was a thoughtful, honest man. He knew Tess was not a toy to play with and throw away when finished with. Her life was as important to her as his was to him. He knew he must treat her affection for him seriously. But if they went on meeting every day, their relationship must develop: he could not stop himself.As he had not decided what purpose their relationship should have, he decided that for the moment they should meet as little as possible. But it was not easy to keep to this decision.He was driven towards her by the heat in his blood.

解析:affection 喜爱、感情、影响
eg: Sebrveral days apart further their affection.

purpose 目的、目标
eg: I did it not for that purpose, purely for fun.

He thought he would go and see his family.In less than five months he would have finished his studies here. After a few more months on other farms, he would be ready to start farming himself. Shouldn't a farmer's wife be a woman who understood farming?