‘I want to use my mind,’Angel insisted.‘ I want to read philosophy.I want to question my belief,so that what is left after I have questioned it, will be even stronger.’

解析:insist 坚持;强调
常用短语 insist on 坚持、坚决要求
eg:I insist on his innocence.

question 我们之前比较常见的是"question"作名词的情况,意为问题、疑问;本文中“question”就显现了它的另一个词性,作动词,意思是询问、怀疑
eg: She was questioned by her mother.

‘But Angel,your mother and I have saved and saved to send you to university like your brothers. But how can we send you there if it is not in the service of God?’

So Angel did not have the advantage of a university education. After some years studying at home he decided to learn farming.He thought this kind of work could give him what he most valuedindependence and freedom to think.So he came to Talbothays at twenty-six,as a student.

解析:have the advantage of 处于有利条件;胜过、优于
eg:While white-collar moonlighters have the advantage of more flexibility on the job, they also face challenges.

independence 作名词,独立性;自主
形容词形式为 independent 独立的、单独的、不受约束的
eg:They pride themselves on their independence, their right to make up their own minds.

At first he stayed up in his room most of the time in the evenings,reading and playing his harp.But he soon preferred to read human nature by taking his meals in the general dining-room with the dairy people. The longer he stayed, the more Clare liked living with these simple country people. No longer did he see them as lacking in intelligence. He realized they were no different from him: he and they were all people walking on the dusty road which ends in death.He began to like working outside. He was learning about nature and about life. He came to know the changing seasons,morning and evening,different winds,waters and mists,shade and silence,and the voices of nature.All this he had never known before.

解析:intelligence 智力、理解能力
eg: The work of an engineer requires intelligence plus experience.