A New Life 8
新生活 8

And so it was that on a beautiful morning in May,two to three years after her return from Trantridge,Tess Durbeyfield left home for the second time.She was going in the opposite direction this time.When she reached the first hill,she looked back at Marlott and her father's house with sadness in her heart.

解析:opposite 对立的、相反的
eg: A man got into a train and found himself sitting opposite a woman.

She travelled partly by carriage and partly on foot,carrying her basket.Not far to her left she could see the trees which surrounded Kingsbere,with its church where her ancestors lay in their tombs.She could no longer admire or respect them. She almost hated them for ruining her life.Nothing of theirs was left except the old seal and spoon.

解析:ancestor 始祖、祖先
eg: Deep in our genes we share one ancestor.

ruin 毁灭、毁坏
eg: The whole supermarket was ruined in a great fire.

‘Huh!I have as much of mother as father in me!’she said.‘All my prettiness comes from her,and she was only a dairymaid.’

Her walk took two hours,until she reached the hill overlooking the Valley of the Great Dairies. This valley was watered by the river Froom,and produced huge amounts of milk and butter,more even than Tess's Vale of Blackmoor, which was known as the Vale of Little Dairies.

解析: amount 总额、总数
eg: The bill amounts to$102.

As she stood and looked,she realized the valleys were quite different.Here the fields and farms were much larger. She saw more cows at a glance than she had ever seen before.The evening sun shone on their red,white and brown bodies.She thought that this view was perhaps not as beautiful as a view of Blackmoor Vale,which she knew so well.There the sky was deep blue,the smell of the earth was heavy in the air,the streams ran slowly and silently.But this view was more cheerful. Here the air was clear and light, and the river Froom rushed as fast as the shadow of a cloud.