精选范文一 父母的爱

There is no doubt that parents love us the most in the world, they give us lives and nurse us to be an independent peopleno matter what dhffculties we face, they are alwavs behind us and nffer support The way they love us is different and we can feel love is around.


Mymother is a housewife.She sacrifice so much when I was born.Nowadayswomen are advocated to be a career woman, and they treated to be successful if they can manage the family chores well at the same time. My mother gave up her career. In my eve, she does the most great iob in the world. The house she cleans and the food she cooks all of these work require so much patience and only the one with strong will can do it.


My father doesn’t talk much but he will never miss every important moment of me. Every night before I sleep. he will check my homework and ask me the latest situation, The comfortable thing is that he never puts me hard and I am so pleased to talk with him


Love from parents makes me stronger and I will fight for my future.


精选范文二 网络拉近还是疏远距离

There is no doubt that Internet has changed our life greatly It makes the world smaller. People can get to know the world in a short time and make friends from all over the world. While on the other hand, the much attention on the Internet isolates the distance and reduces face to face communication.


Many years ago, before the popularity of computer, people got to know the world bylistening to the radio or reading newspaper. But nowadays, people can just read the instant news on the Internet and get the first-hand information immediately The fast way to master information makes them feel keeping in touch with the worldThe world seems so near to them.


Internet is everywhere and it helps people to do a lot of things such as making friends online, keeping in touch with their relatives, even to do business. As people rely on Internet so much. they pay much attention on the virtual world The face to face commnication is reduced, and the distance between people seems so far.


We should use Internet properly and never lose ourselves in the virtual world.


精选范文三 不文明行为

We have seen many news about how rude Chinese tourists were such as throwing away rubbish at will, jumping the queue or speaking loudlyin public. The media from home and abroad always spread the negative information about Chinese tourists while itis just small part, not presenting the truth.


I have been to many foreign countries. Everytime before I started my journey I told myself to be polite and well behaved and I made it. But I found that many bad behaviors happened amone threisners. whom we used to believed the most polite people in the world. They jumped the queue and spoke loudly in the public. So it is not fair to criticize Chinese tourists all the time.


It is true that some ainese tourists don’’t reaize their badbehaviors. but now, most people behave themselves well and act very politely, When we see the negative information, there is no need to self-denial, as it happens in every country. We are happy to see that the young generation is spread the positive imageto the world.



It has been a hot topic for along time whether (某事物/问题).Some people take it for granted that (一种观点).However,other reckon that (另一种观点).

Those people who hold the former opinion believe (观点一的理由一),In addition, (观点一的理由二).

However, there are still others who advocate the latter opinion because they hold (观点二的理由一)And (观点二的理由二)What’smore (观点二的理由三).So (总结观点二).

As for me, my favor goes to (两种观点选其一) Foronething, (个人看法依据一)For another, (个人看法的依据二)But (提出某事物/问题需要改进的地方)And I hope (提出自己的希望)。


With the development of, (提出问题).Some people think that (观点一)In their opinion, (观点一的理由一).For instance (举例说明).

However, others hold that (观点二),They maintain that (观点二的理由一)To their minds, (观点二的理由二).

As far as I see it what really matters is (提出个人看法), (进一步说明看法),When it comes to (某事物).I think (提出个人看法),In aword (总结自己的观点).


Nowadays At present (概述现象).The Phenomenon has become a heated topic

among the people around us /The phenomenon has broughtintofocus/ (某现象),which has arouse great concern (阐述现象表现).

There are many factors that many reasons accounting for this phenomenon.The reasons (factors) that contribute to (该现象)arevariedFirst ofall/

To start with (原因一).Inaddition Furthermore What is more/Moreover, (原因二)Finally, (原因三)On the whole (总结原因).

As far as I am concerned,I am inclined to (我的做法/我的看法)(总结观点)。