[00:00.00]沪江网 CHAPTER FOUR READING Page 53
[00:06.58]The African Ghost Fish
[00:10.84]One day,Tony received this note from a student:
[00:17.40]'My grandad often tells us stories.
[00:23.35]I enclose one that you might like to include in your paper.'
[00:30.72]Here is the story.
[00:33.96]One evening,Grandad said,
[00:39.11]'I once had a friend called Day.
[00:44.98]His first name was Henry,but everyone called him Happy.
[00:54.13]Happy Day made a very good living.
[01:00.08]He travelled widely and when he came to a place that he liked,
[01:08.34]he opened a pet shop and began selling African Ghost Fish.'
[01:18.29]According to Happy, these are the world's only invisible fish,
[01:28.74]and they're especially good pets because they need no food.
[01:38.30]They live only on water.Once a year, the female Ghost Fish lays eggs.
[01:48.88]Immediately after that,and if everything is completely quiet,
[01:58.02]she becomes visible.
[02:01.78]But in a blink of an eye,she's gone again.
[02:07.66]If you see her,
[02:11.00]you're extremely fortunate for she's the most beautiful creature alive.
[02:20.46]'When Happy told his customers this story his tanks of fis sold very quickly.
[02:30.73]When they were completely sold out,
[02:35.48]Happy usually departed for another town.'
[02:41.83]'Was that because his customers were not satisfied?' we asked.
[02:50.00]'Not at all,'grandad said.
[02:54.76]'His customers were completely satisfied he rarely received a complaint.
[03:04.19]In fact,many people told him of the pleasure they got
[03:12.52]from looking at their invisible fish.
[03:18.19]It was so relaxing. Others enjoyed inviting their friends to see their fish.
[03:29.74]A few even claimed that they had seen a female Ghost Fish,
[03:38.49]and that it was truly unforgettable.
[03:44.44]Yes,Happy was a clever man.'
[03:49.62]'Can you tell us some more about him?'we said.
[03:55.36]'Not now,'said Grandad.
[03:59.62]'I'm tired,and I want a nap.
[04:04.48]Why don't you children go and watch the tank of Ghost Fish in my room?
[04:12.73]Remember,if you sit quietly and watch really closely,
[04:20.88]you might even see a female.' As we rushed excitedly from the room,
[04:29.32]I heard Grandad whisper,
[04:33.27]'Thank you, Happy.'I wonder what he meant.
[04:40.35]LISTENING Page 56
[04:43.69]Completing notes and matching pictures
[04:48.55]Listen to Tony's talking to his grandad about the four stamps,
[04:56.20]and complete Tony's notes.Write one word in each space.
[05:03.75]Tony:Grandad,can you tell me something about the goldfish on these stamps?
[05:11.48]I want to write an article about them, for my school magazine.
[05:18.15]Grandad:Yes,I'll see what I can remember.let's look at the first one.
[05:25.30]Well,this is a funny one.
[05:30.16]It's gold all over it's body.Except for that red piece?
[05:37.14]Grandad:Yes,that called a red cap.It has a red cap on top of its head.
[05:48.50]Tony:Is this a new type of goldfish?
[05:56.70]They had goldfish like this with a red cap in China over 400 years ago.
[06:07.88]Tony:Wow,what's the dollar value of this stamp?
[06:14.23]Grandad:While,it's 1 dollar 90.Now, let's look at the second one.
[06:23.37]This one is different,Tony.
[06:27.45]Tony:What's unusual about it? Oh,its eyes.
[06:34.71]Grandad:Yes,it has very big eyes,like dragon's eyes,
[06:43.17]and the color is different,of course.It's black and gold.
[06:50.25]Tony:Is this type of goldfish old too?
[06:55.22]Grandad:Yes,they are old.You can see this same fish in Chinese pictures
[07:05.06]which were painted 400 years ago.
[07:11.33]Would you like to keep this stamp?
[07:15.17]It has a value of 5 dollars.
[07:19.85]Tony:Sure,Grandad. What about this third goldfish?
[07:26.41]It doesn't seem to be unusual or anything.
[07:31.74]Grandad:Look carefully,Tony. Something is missing.
[07:38.19]Tony:Oh,on the top. What's that thing called?
[07:43.83]Grandad:A fin.
[07:46.76]Tony:Yes,a fin.It doesn't have a fin on top of its body.
[07:54.93]Grandad:That's right This type of goldfish has no top fin,
[08:02.98]and it's usually quit fat and round, or oval,like an egg in shape.
[08:13.56]Tony:What's the dollar value of this one?
[08:18.00]Grandad:Oh,it's one dollar.The fourth one is the prettiest,I think.
[08:26.25]Tony:This one has lots of fins.
[08:30.20]Grandad:Yes,it has long fins and a beautiful long tail.
[08:38.87]Tony:It's lovely.
[08:42.21]Grandad:And look at the shape,Tony.See how flat it is above the head!
[08:50.16]This type of fish has a sharp pointed head.
[08:57.03]This stamp has a value of 2 dollars 40.
[09:03.09]Tony:Yes,I see.Thank you for telling me about the goldfish, Grandad.
[09:10.45]Grandad:You're welcome,Tony.Would you like to keep all these stamps?
[09:18.11]Tony:Yes,please. Thanks a lot, Grandad.
[09:23.36]SPEAKING Page 58
[09:28.11]A Talk time Complaining and responding to complaints
[09:36.47]A:I want to complain about this laser disc.
[09:45.33]B:What's the problem?
[09:48.38]A:There's a hole in the middle.
[09:54.02]Exercise A1
[09:57.79]Ellen:Excuse me.I want to complain about these peppers.
[10:05.96]Hirage:What's the problem?
[10:09.12]Ellen:When I took off the plastic,I found that two of them were rotten. Look!
[10:17.27]Hiraga:Oh,I'm very sorry about that.
[10:22.11]I'll take care of it right away.
[10:26.47]Can you show me your receipt?
[10:31.12]Ellen:Yes,here it is.
[10:35.09]Hiraga:Thanks.Now,if you'll just wait,I'll be back in a moment.
[10:41.93]MORE PRACTICE Page 63
[10:47.29]The Fisherman and the Fish
[10:51.44]Once upon a time, there lived an old man and his wife, in Russia.
[10:58.21]They were poor and lived in an old,mud hut near the sea.
[11:05.05]He made a living by fishing.
[11:09.70]One morning, something unusual happened while the man was at work.
[11:17.28]He caught a small, golden fish in his net.
[11:24.12]The fish begged the fisherman to let him go
[11:29.48]and offered to grant the fisherman anything he desired in return.
[11:39.27]the man was kind and asked for nothing before returning the fish to the sea.
[11:47.53]The man went home
[11:50.87]and told his wife about the wonderful thing that had happened to him.
[11:57.35]She shouted at him angrily and called him a fool for not making a wish.
[12:05.81]The sun was shining as the man did this
[12:10.78]and when he returned he saw a new bucket.
[12:16.55]The fisherman's wife was still not happy
[12:21.59]and demanded that he should find the fish again to ask for a new house.
[12:29.14]The weather was getting bad as the man explained to the fish about his rude wife.
[12:36.79]The fish comforted him and promised to grant the second wish.
[12:43.45]When he returned,he saw a nice,new cottage.
[12:48.91]The next day,his wife said that she wanted to be mayor of the city.
[12:56.18]The waves were getting big
[12:59.94]and the sky was becoming dark as the man apologized to the golden fish.
[13:07.88]Again,like the wishes before,this wish was granted.
[13:14.12]When he returned, he found his wife dressed in expensive clothes
[13:21.07]and giving orders to servants.
[13:25.43]She told her husband that he still had to sleep in the hut
[13:32.20]even though she now had a bigger house.
[13:37.16]She was a very greedy woman and the following week
[13:43.12]she demanded to be made queen of all the land.
[13:49.07]Despite thinking his wife was crazy, the fisherman went down to the shore.
[13:56.73]By now there was a terrible storm.
[14:01.56]there was thunder and lightning,and giant waves in the sea.
[14:08.51]The man shouted as loudly as he coul so that the fish could hear him.
[14:16.27]The fisherman waited but the golden fish never came back.
[14:22.72]When the man returned,
[14:26.06]he found his wife in the old mud hut holding their broken bucket.