[00:00.00]沪江网 CHAPTER ONE
[00:03.81]READING Page 3
[00:09.67]Protecting the innocent
[00:13.22]Pansy wanted to write an article on detectives for the school newspaper.
[00:21.39]To get information,she interviewed Detective Ken.
[00:28.06]This is part of the interview.
[00:32.50]PANSY:You say that you like working as a detective.Why?
[00:39.34]KEN:Let me tell you about a recent case that I dealt with Pansy.
[00:46.21]Mr Li is a very rich man who lives alone and enjoys collecting things.
[00:56.16]He purchased a vase for two million yuan.
[01:03.24]He showed it to only two people-his friends Jill and Jenny.
[01:12.20]Then he locked it in the safe at his house.
[01:17.95]That night,someone stole it.
[01:22.42]Li reported the theft,and I went to his house to look for clues.
[01:30.07]PANSY:Did you find any?
[01:33.54]KEN:Yes,a black pearl earring near the open safe and,
[01:42.09]outside the open window of the room,
[01:47.05]I saw a lot of mud on the wet ground.
[01:53.21]Inside the room,thecarpet was spotlessly clean.
[02:00.27]KEN:I interviewed Jill and Jenny.
[02:05.13]They both denied stealing the vase.
[02:10.19]But I noticed that Jill was wearing a black pearl necklace--but no earrings.
[02:20.96]PANSY So Jill was the thief?
[02:24.80]KEN I didn't know. I needed proof.
[02:30.07]A good detective never jumps to conclusions.
[02:35.82]I showed Jill the earring,and she admitted it was hers.
[02:43.58]She said someone had stolen it from her house a month before.
[02:51.52]I checked her story.It was true.
[02:56.56]PANSY:So Jill was no longer a suspect.
[03:02.13]But what about your other clue--the mud outside and the spotless carpet inside
[03:11.19]KEN:That told me that probably no thief broke into Li's house.
[03:18.95]So I questioned Li and,in the end,he admitted stealing his own vase.
[03:28.98]He had bought insurance for it.
[03:33.66]The insurance company would pay him two million yuan if the vase was stolen.
[03:43.22]PANSY:And who stole Jill's earring?
[03:47.76]KEN:Li did that as well.
[03:51.63]He tried to make sure that Jill would go to jail instead of him.
[03:59.57]PANSY:So now Li is behind bars.
[04:05.13]KEN:Yes, and Jill is free.
[04:09.99]My job is to protect the innocent as well as find the guilty.
[04:17.65]That's why I like working as a detective.
[04:25.74]Pages 6 and 7
[04:29.71]Identifying objects from a description
[04:34.96]Listen to the recording.
[04:38.73]Mrs White is talking to a policeman.
[04:44.19]Which are her five pieces of jewellery?
[04:49.83]Write the letters next to the numbers.
[04:55.29]Wu:Hello,is that Mrs White?
[05:00.43]Mrs White:Yes,it is.
[05:03.78]Wu:I'm Detective Wu.
[05:08.14] I visited you after your burglary last week.
[05:15.22]Mrs White:Oh,yes,I remember.
[05:19.58]Wu:Well,we've arrested a man and discoverd a lot of stolen jewellery.
[05:28.36]And I think your five pieces may be here.
[05:35.02]Could you describe them again for me?
[05:40.66]Mrs White:Oh,that's good news.
[05:45.42]Yes,well,there're five missing pieces.
[05:51.87]The first piece is a bracelet,it's made of gold,it's not a complete circle.
[06:02.21]The two ends of the bracelet are in the shape of lions heads.
[06:10.08]They have little red rubies for their eyes.
[06:15.64]The second piece is emerald ring ,it's very valuable.
[06:23.19]It's made of gold and in the middle there's a big green emerald.
[06:31.63]On each side of the emerald there's a diamond.
[06:37.06]It's a lovely ring.
[06:40.69]The third piece is my pearl necklace,it's very simple just one string of pearls
[06:51.64]the pearls are all about the same size It's quite a short necklace.
[07:01.20]Next,there is a silver bracelet,this is not so expensive,but it's quite pretty
[07:10.94]It's like a lots of little rings all joined together.
[07:17.71]It has a silver figure on it,in the shape of a little dog.
[07:24.97]The last piece is a pair of earrings,they are made of gold.
[07:33.15]Each earring is in two parts,
[07:39.00]there is a red ruby on top and hanging under the ruby,
[07:43.86]there is a large white pearl.
[07:49.13]Wu:Yes,you are very lucky.
[07:54.10]I think we have all of those pieces here at the police station.
[08:00.76]Could you come down to have a look at them?
[08:05.93]Mrs White:Yes,of course,I'll be there within one hour.
[08:11.99] Thank you so much, good-bye.
[08:23.07]Pages 11 and 12
[08:27.32]A Talk time
[08:31.16]The sounds [w] and [v]
[08:37.43]Exercise A1
[08:41.38]1 We West Wines
[08:48.64]2 V Vest Vines
[08:57.89]3 We V West Vest Wines Vines
[09:11.52]Exercise A2
[09:15.89]last Wednesday a Vase last Wednesday
[09:24.92]Viewed a Valuable Vase last Wednesday
[09:31.27]Winnie Went and Viewed a Valuable Vase last Wednesday.
[09:39.32]Exercise A3
[09:43.39]Willie's Vest is Very Wet.
[09:50.24]Victor's Vest is made of Wool.
[09:56.79]Victor's body's Very Warm.
[10:02.36]Willie's body's Very cool.
[10:08.52]Exercise A4
[10:12.88]When we say words of more than one syllable we stress one of the syllables.
[10:23.23]always never over seven window
[10:33.29]Exercise A5
[10:37.83]aware believem convince device unwell
[10:48.18]Exercise A6
[10:52.54]invite wonder awake beware divide vacant very volume warmest without
[11:09.28]MORE PRACTICE page 15
[11:13.93]An extract from 'The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'
[11:21.30]The death of Ronald Adair in the spring of 1894
[11:28.95]was one of the most interesting cases I ever worked on.
[11:35.61]I thought about it quite a lot,but could find no possible explanation.
[11:44.47].Adair was the son of a famous general who was abroad at the time.
[11:52.93]The young man's friends were from good families,and he seemed to have no enemies
[12:03.28]On the day of his death he had played a game of cards
[12:10.36]at the Bagatelle Club with some friends.
[12:16.52]On the evening of 30th March,
[12:21.38]Adair returned from the Bagetelle at exactly ten o'clock.
[12:28.93]His mother was out,visiting relatives.
[12:34.26]The servant said Adair went upstairs to his room,where she had lit a fire.
[12:43.82]She had opened the window because some smoke from the fire had blown into the room.
[12:53.49]Just before midnight,
[12:56.96]Adair's mother returned and went to say goodnight to her son.
[13:04.82]The door was locked and there was no answer,so it was forced open.
[13:13.97]Adair was found lying near the table.
[13:19.53]A bullet from a small gun had entered his head,but the police could find no weapon.
[13:29.80]Some coins were on the table,and a note with names of friends at the Bagatelle.
[13:39.96]This appeared to be a list of all the money he had lost and won playing cards.
[13:50.43]There were no marks on the outside wall.
[13:56.00]Since it was impossible to aim a small gun from a distance,
[14:03.26]the murderer must have been in the room.
[14:08.82]Nobody had heard any noise.
[14:13.86]In addition to all this,nothing had been stolen from the room.