[00:00.00]沪江网 Review of units Unit 6-10
[00:15.46]1a Read the clues and complete the crossword.
[00:28.68]1. The past tense of forget.
[00:33.78]2.___are a kind of beautiful gift.
[00:43.36]3.I have to go to the____to buy snacks.
[00:50.70]4.What's_____TV tonight?
[00:56.08]5.They are bigger than books but smaller than newpapers.
[01:09.17]7.When you finish school,you have you____.
[01:16.46]9.The opposite of out.
[01:21.48]11.I'm preparing for the math_____.
[01:27.48]12.____can learn to speak English.
[01:33.99]13.I do and he_____.
[01:38.85]15.I never drink milk,but I_____drink water.
[01:46.16]17.A popular vegetable.
[01:56.27]21.The opposite of she.
[02:11.37]6.How long have you been_____stamps?
[02:16.46]8.Do you like thrillers or____?
[02:22.05]10.This is the review of____s 6-10.
[02:30.83]12.I like bananas____ice cream.
[02:37.23]14.My_____s said I was lazy.
[02:42.87]16.English is important____you must study hard.
[02:49.40]18.She can't_____Chinese.
[02:53.04]19.The oppsite of yes.
[02:57.76]22.The opposite of cheap.
[03:03.72]2a Listen to the four conversations.
[03:08.92]Match the conversations with the correct pictures.
[06:38.97]2b Listen again and follow the instructions next to the pictures.
[08:21.19]2a Listen to the four conversations.
[08:28.08]Match the conversations with the correct pictures.
[14:35.52]3 PAIRWORK
[14:38.18]How long have you been doing your favorite sport?
[14:41.08]Write questions and answers,then interview your partner.
[14:53.13]How long have you been swimming?
[14:56.13]I've been swimming for ten years.
[14:59.87]How often do you swim?
[15:01.77]I swim about twice a week.
[15:42.47]4 Think of five things that bother you.
[15:48.19]Write requests about them.
[15:50.62]Then take turns making requests to your partner and listening to his or her reply.
[16:29.57]Hi,Jin.Would you mind turning down the music?
[16:38.66]I'm sorry.I'll do itright away.
[16:45.04]What are you doing?
[16:46.05]I'm studying for a math test.
[17:17.40]5 Think of different people.What gift could you get each one?
[17:25.52]Compare your list with your partner and discuss them.
[17:41.93]What can I get my friend for her birthday?
[17:47.42]Why don't you get her a scarf?
[17:52.72]No.That's too boring.
[17:59.28]6 What interesting places have you been to in your city?
[18:05.78]Write a list of five places in the chart.
[18:08.94]Then interview three classmates.
[18:39.74]Have you been to the museum?
[18:42.53]Yes,I have.
[18:43.79]Did you think it was interesting?
[18:53.84]7 What small talk would you make in these places?
[19:00.24]Write examples.Then role play conversations with your partner.
[19:29.48]This bus is always late,isn't it?
[19:32.82]Yes,it is.You're going to the beach,aren't you?
[19:37.70]Yes.I'm meeting some friends there.
[20:26.14]8 What do you like?What do you dislike?
[20:32.43]Write five things and discuss with your partner.
[20:47.82]I love thrillers.
[20:54.97]I like to be scared.What about you?