[00:00.00]沪江网 Section B
[00:09.06]1a Cheek the questions you think are good for polite small talk with peopleyou don't know well.
[01:04.60]Do you like thrillers?
[01:17.27]How much did that shirt cost?
[01:22.36]You're Anna's brother,aren't you?
[01:32.89]How big is your apartment?
[02:32.79]2a Listen to the three conversations.
[02:37.60]Where are the people in each conversation?
[02:40.42]Write the places in the chart.
[04:39.95]2b Listen again.Match each question with correct answer.
[05:02.97]1. You're Jenny's friend,aren't you?
[05:06.39]d.Yes I am.My name is Rita.
[05:54.30]3. You're new here,aren't you?
[05:56.21]c.Yes I am.My name's Bill.
[06:01.22]4. What do you think of the school?
[06:02.71]b.It's great.Have you always gone to this school?
[06:42.55]1. You're Jenny's friend,aren't you?
[06:44.32]d.Yes I am.My name is Rita.
[06:46.96]2. So,tell me about yourself.Do you play any sports?
[07:02.70]告诉我你自己的情况,你喜欢运动吗? __
[07:18.44]3. You're new here,aren't you?
[07:21.78]c.Yes I am.
[07:32.28]b.It's great.Have you always gone to this school?
[07:44.30]5. It's really crowded,isn't it?
[07:50.05]a.Yes,it is.Are you a black Socks fan?
[08:08.28]3a Read the article notes.
[08:11.68]Match each note with the correct situation.
[08:49.16]Note 1
[08:50.70]Dear Kim,
[08:51.93]Sometimes it isn't easy being the new kid at school,
[08:55.75]but I had a wonderful time on Saturday night.
[09:23.36]Thank you so much for inviting me.
[09:50.21]I didn't know some of the girls,
[09:52.82]but they were all really friendly to me.
[10:05.34]And the video you showed was really funny.
[10:14.24]I feel like part of the group now.
[10:45.59]Note 2
[10:46.65]便条 2
[10:47.71]Dear Tony,
[10:49.43]Thanks for showing me the school last week.
[10:57.55]I was having a hard time finding it until you came along.
[11:48.18]And I enjoyed meeting Carlos.
[11:57.06]He's really good at math,isn't he?
[12:00.35]He said he'd help me with my math project.
[12:43.35]Friends like you make it a lot easier to get along in a new place.
[14:33.27]Note 3
[14:34.19]便条 3
[14:35.10]Dear Allen,
[14:36.12]Thanks for the tickets for next week's game.
[14:39.36]I'm sorry you and your father can't go,
[14:42.16]but I'm really happy to have the tickets.
[15:01.38]I'm going to ask my cousin,Tommy,to go with me.
[15:10.92]I'll think of you as I watch the Black Socks win the game.(I hope!)
[16:56.66]3b Fill in the blanks in this thank-you note.
[17:14.19]Dear Sarah,
[17:16.15]____for inviting me to your house on Friday.
[17:22.65]I really____meeting your family. And your baby sister is really____.
[17:43.47]I had a ____time. I'm___I had to leave early,
[17:55.88]but I had a family dinner.
[18:09.93]My grandfather was having his 90th birthday party!
[18:14.06]Yours Sincerely
[18:22.39]SELF CHECK
[18:25.79]1 Fill in the blanks with the words given.
[18:30.44]Then make your own sentences with the words.
[18:37.54]look through
[18:41.07]get along
[18:41.99]go with
[18:42.95]1.Paul and I are good friends. We _____ well because we both like sports.
[18:59.07]2.Mr. Li is a very good teacher. He____ math so easy.
[19:10.41]3.I need some money. I'm going to ____ the newspaper for a holiday job.
[19:34.13]4.Be careful to look both ways before you _____the street.
[19:45.85]5.If you have finished your homework, you could _____ cleaning and cooking.
[19:55.15]2 Imagine the small talk in the picture.Fill in the blanks.