[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 10
[00:13.87]make small talk
[00:35.68]It's a nice day,isn't it?
[00:57.42]Section A
[00:59.21]A 部分
[01:01.00]1a Do you sometimes talk with people you don'know?
[01:06.48]This kind of conversation is called small talk.
[01:11.58]Circle the situations below where you would start a conversation.
[01:16.02]Make a list of othe places were you would talk to people you don't know.
[02:17.20]He's really good,isn't he?
[02:21.53]He sure is!
[03:43.53]1b Listen and number the pictures above in the order you hear them.
[07:04.07]2a To have successful small talk,both people need to ask questions.
[07:25.23]Listen to th three conversations.
[07:27.48]Are they examples of successful or unsuccessful small talk?
[07:44.09]Write "s"(for successful)or "U"(for unsuccessful)in the blanks below.
[09:40.00]2b Listen to Conversation 3 again.
[09:44.02]Put the sentences and questions below in order.
[10:25.74]f.It always rains on the weekend,doesn't it?
[10:30.75]b.Yes.It rains every Saturday!
[10:33.76]e.Do you think it'll stop by non?
[10:36.16]a.I hope so.I want to go swimming.
[10:39.16]d.Oh?Where do you swim?
[10:41.46]c.At Franklin Lake.
[10:43.34]g.Do you ever go there?
[11:14.87]Grammar Focus
[11:18.69]It's really windy today,isn't it?
[11:25.30]Yes,it is.
[11:27.02]You're Ben's sister,aren't you?
[11:29.24]Yes,I am.
[11:30.83]The No.15 bus stops here,doesn't it?
[11:34.23]Yes,it does.
[16:03.87]3a Complete the conversation.Write sentences in the blanks.
[16:24.29]This is great weather,isn't it?
[16:27.01]It sure is.But it's a little hot for me.
[16:34.01]Oh,I love hot weather.I'm going to the beach today.
[16:40.02]Which beach are you going to?
[16:50.81]I'm going to Today Beach.
[16:56.35]Where do you usually go?
[16:58.96]I usually go to Sandy Beach.
[17:08.78]Is it very crowded?
[17:13.30]No,it's never crowded.
[17:21.89]Well,have a good day!