[00:00.00]沪江网 Review of units 1-5
[00:13.17]1 Read the clues and complete the crossword.
[00:25.89]1. You put your books in this bag.
[00:33.52]2. Bowling is popular all over the world.
[00:39.63]3. The past tense of say.
[00:42.45]"say" 的过去时。
[00:45.27]4. I would like to be a famous movie star!
[00:50.57]5. The past tense fo tell.
[00:57.39]6. This is a job working in space.
[01:05.52]10. Another word for talking.
[01:11.39]12. Someone from another world.
[01:18.68]13. Let's go to the park.
[01:22.70]15. The opposite of no.
[01:28.29]16. The past tense of eat.
[01:33.54]20. You are a student and I am a student.
[01:40.65]21. A computer programmer has to study math really hard.
[01:49.84]23. Ten years ago,I live in Suzhou.
[01:57.37]24. A popular pet.
[02:07.79]1. I sleep in a bed.
[02:15.00]2. The past tense of is.
[02:18.40]"is" 的过去时。
[02:21.79]7. Watch out!It could be dangerous.
[02:29.13]8. Turn down the music.It's too loud.
[02:36.24]9. This is a lucky color in China.
[02:44.05]11. It's not time to stop.It's time to start.
[02:51.49]14. Once I had two,but now I only have one.
[03:00.79]17. I can't see.I think there is something in my eye.
[03:11.50]18. We can travel by bicycle,bus,car,plane,or train.
[03:20.59]19. I like to add so I like math class.
[03:35.12]22. I like to listen to music and dance.
[03:42.64]25. She always wins.She's outstanding.
[03:53.46]2a Listen to the conversations.
[03:58.05]Match the conversations with the correct pictures.
[07:22.10]2b Listen again and follow the instructions next to the pictures.
[07:31.40]Write T(for true) or F (for false).
[07:39.13]____The game is on Saturday.
[08:23.64]____The game is on Saturday.
[08:26.33]___The game is at the park.
[08:28.47]____May should bring her ball.
[08:36.39]____The party will be at Harry's house.
[14:48.40]____Teachers will come to your home.
[16:00.44]3 What do you think will happen in the future?
[16:11.65]Write your predictions for different times.
[16:14.76]Compare your predictions with your partners.
[16:35.76]What are your predictions for 10 years from now?
[16:39.68]In 10 years people will only use cards for money.
[16:43.99]What do you think?
[16:45.01]I think we will still use...
[17:28.71]4 Someone you know doesn't have many friends.
[17:35.43]Write five suggestions for this problem.
[17:37.75]Then role play a conversation.
[17:49.14]What's the problem?
[17:52.38]Oh,I don't know.I don't have many friends.
[17:56.40]Well,there are lots of things you can do.Join a club a sport team.
[18:02.91]OK.What else can I do?
[18:48.83]6 Write five sentences about your favorite things.
[18:55.33]Work in groups of four.
[18:57.45]Tell one partner your favorite things.
[19:00.82]He or she tells the other partners what you said.Take turns.
[19:06.83]My favorite place is the gym.
[19:16.75]What did she say?
[19:20.15]She said her favorite place was the gym.
[19:26.18]How often does she go there?
[21:00.93]7 Write five things that you like to do every day.
[21:07.54]Your partner tells you what will happen.Take turns.
[21:12.24]I like to eat hamburgers every day.
[21:19.87]If you eat hamburgers every day,you'll get fat.
[21:24.39]What do you like to do?
[21:26.30]I like to...