[00:00.00]沪江网 Section B
[00:10.87]1 Which of the things below are the most important to you in life?
[00:19.70] Circle three things.
[00:38.58]be happy
[00:40.80]go to college
[00:43.52]be famous
[00:45.74]travel around the world
[00:49.27]make a lot of money
[00:59.09]2a Listen. Look at the list in activity 1.
[01:03.54]听一遍, 看activity 1中的项目,
[01:08.00]Put an "A" before each thing the soccer agent talks about
[01:13.59]and a "P" before each thing Michael's parents talk about.
[03:26.32]2b Listen again. Complete the sentences.
[03:34.28]再听一遍, 完成下列句子。
[03:42.25]1.If you joins the Lions
[03:45.44]c.you'll become a great soccer player.
[05:37.35]you'll travel around the world.
[06:09.74]4.If you become a professional soccer player
[06:12.24]d.you'll never go to college.
[07:36.05]3a Read the article and complete the chart.
[07:46.65]To Play or Not to Play
[07:50.39]Many very good soccer players don't want to become professional athletes.
[08:09.30]Some of them don't want to travel.
[08:11.70]Others don't like to spend time away from their families.
[08:22.62]There are some who realize their chosen sport can be very dangerous,
[08:29.75] and that they can be hurt very badly.
[09:50.71]However, if you become a champion athlete,
[09:58.62]then you can make a living by doing something that you love.
[10:51.31]Some champions, like the golfer Tiger Woods, make millions of dollars a year.
[11:16.88]Professional athletes usually become famous.
[11:19.99]Some of them think that this will make them happy,
[11:23.39]but they sometimes find that they are famous for only a short time.
[11:34.07]If they become famous,
[11:35.85]people will watch them all the time and follow them everywhere.
[11:47.34]This can make life difficult.
[11:53.46]If you become a professional athlete,
[11:56.28]people all over the world will know you.
[11:59.12]Then you can help others.
[12:00.95]You can become a model for young people who will look up to you.
[12:34.78]Many famous athletes give their money to schools and charities,
[12:42.31]and do lot of work to help people who are not as lucky as themselves.
[13:57.43]3b Do you think Michael in activity 2a decided to become a player?
[14:01.16]在2a中, 你认为迈克尔决心变成一个足球运动员吗?
[14:04.88]Complete this letter from Michael to the soccer team agent.
[14:08.98]Decide if he joined the Lions or not.
[14:23.01]I have decided that (will/won't)____join the Lions.
[16:26.41]SELF CHECK
[16:28.66]1 Fill in the blanks with words given.
[16:33.18]Then make your own sentences with the words.
[16:41.43]take away
[16:46.13]1. I forgot your address.
[16:52.06]Can you___me how to get to your house?
[16:57.78]2. If don't clean my room,my mother won't____me meet my friends.
[17:06.30]3. The teacher____my mobile phone because I used it in class.
[17:21.50]4. I'm going to____time with my grandparents this vacation.
[17:28.40]5. Can you____the games for the class party?
[17:34.62]2 Complete the sentences using your own ideas.
[17:57.42]If I get up late tomorrow
[18:02.91]If don't finish my homework
[18:08.50]If I eat too much lunch
[18:13.64]If I don't get enough exercise
[18:19.26]If I am a gook cook
[18:23.88]If I watch too much TV
[18:30.18]If I don't learn how to swim
[18:36.06]If don't help others
[18:43.06]Just for Fun
[18:47.47]I think I'll go back to Mars.If you do,they'll laugh at you.
[18:54.58]Why?How many Martians dye their hair brown?
[19:01.29]Oh,yeah.You're right.