[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 12 What's the best radio station?
[00:06.48]Ladies and gentlemen,we've invited holders of the "Guinness World Records".
[00:17.35]from all parts of the world,
[00:21.19]and they will give us the most wonderful show tonight.
[00:26.33]Let's welcome...
[00:30.17]The tallest guy in the world!
[00:35.53]Oh...And here is the fattest guy in the world!
[00:43.26]噢... 这位是世界最胖的人!
[00:50.99]Ah...God!No!This is the strongest guy in the world!
[01:14.63]Hahaha...Hey,don't cry.
[01:23.10]You are also one of the holders of the "Guinness World Records"
[01:28.66]What kind of the the world Record can I get?
[01:35.90]Hahaha...You are the most unlucky host in the entire world!.
[01:56.92]the tallest
[02:01.97]the fattest
[02:07.11]the strongest
[02:13.17]the poorest host
[02:29.34]Tom is taller than Mike.
[03:24.59]Lucy's as tall as her sister.
[03:32.95]Betty is taller than Lucy.
[03:45.02]Linda is the tallest among the three.
[04:09.30]Linda 在这三个人里个子最高。
[04:33.58]Let's take a look at the form.
[04:49.15]-est tall tallest
[04:59.13]-st nice nicest
[05:08.79]big biggest
[05:22.43]happy happiest
[05:35.80]careful most careful
[07:06.97]Practice makes perfect!
[07:25.83]1.they are (the kindest) parents I know.
[07:47.07]2.This park is (the safest) park in our town.
[08:08.41]3.That's (the fattest) cat in my house.
[08:27.87]4.This is (the busiest) street on Beijing.
[08:50.52]5.He is (the shyest) student in our class.
[09:17.37]6.Jet Li is (the most popular) actor in China.
[09:38.32]7.He's the best teacher in our school.
[10:04.60]8.This clothing store is (the worst) one in town.
[10:26.96]Foxy's the friendliest dog in our town.
[10:35.82]He's the test student in our class.
[10:43.68]She is the nicest person among my friends.
[10:52.15]in our town/in our class/among my friends
[11:08.50]I think...
[11:21.48]I think we should go to Red Star Cinema.
[11:33.03]I think we should go to McDonald's ,I'm bungry.
[11:43.29]He thinks he should study hard.
[12:01.87]I think=in somebody's opinion
[12:33.14]I think Spiderman is the best movie.
[12:39.48]In my opinion,Spiderman is the best movie.
[12:54.03]Spiderman is my favorite movie.
[13:27.78]Which film do you think is the best?
[13:43.72]Why do you like it?
[13:49.18]Because it has the most popular actors.
[14:00.12]It's the funniest movie.
[14:04.56]Which radio station do you think is the worst?
[14:16.03]Why do you think so?
[14:21.49]Because it has the most boring music.Or it's the dullest.
[14:42.36]Which movie is the best in your opinion?
[14:48.29]In your opinion,which radio station is the worst?
[15:26.64]This clothing store has the most fashionable clothes in the city.
[15:38.32]That restaurant has the worst service in town.
[15:48.35]He thinks Red Star Cinema is the most comfortable movie theater.
[16:00.29]He thinks that Red Star Cinema is more comfortable than the other two movie theaters.
[16:37.17]than anyone\than anything
[16:59.53]Bill is more outgoing than anyone in his school.
[17:12.10]Bill is the most outgoing person in his school.
[17:36.44]1.did the woman buy a chair?
[17:41.12]2.Why?(Why not?)
[17:46.08]3.Is that chair the most expensive one in the shop?
[17:52.25]4.Do you think the most expensive thing is also the best thing?
[18:28.85]1.did the woman buy a chair?
[18:33.60]No,she didn't.
[18:37.15]2.Why?(Why not?)
[18:42.30]she wanted to buy a better one.
[18:46.66]3.Is that chair the most expensive one in the shop?
[18:52.90]Yes,it is.
[18:56.27]4.Do you think the most expensive thing is also the best thing?
[19:03.41]No,I don't./Yes,I do.
[19:25.71]even though
[19:30.08]in fact
[20:43.30]1.Which store is the cheapest in town?
[20:48.86]Tom's Bargain shop is the cheapest store in town.
[20:54.79]2.Do people like to shop there?
[20:59.62]No,people donn't like to shop there.
[21:04.59]3.Which one is the most popular store?
[21:09.84]Lily's hop is the nost popular store in town.
[21:19.27]It's the nearest store.
[21:23.42]5.Which store is the most expensive one?
[21:28.46]River's shop is the most expensive store in town.
[22:00.65]1.Which store do you think i sthe best?
[22:05.69]2.Why do you think so?
[22:09.45]3.Does that store have best quality clothes in town?
[22:15.51]4.How far is it from there to here?
[22:20.58]5.Does that radio station play interesting music?
[22:26.32]6.What do you think about the performance on TV yeaterday?
[22:32.57]7.Was that performance terrific?
[22:49.21]Easu :ostemomg 97.9FM is my favorite radio station.
[22:56.18]I think it's really great because it has the most creative nonstop music.
[23:02.64]And I like the music very much.
[23:06.29]It doesn't matter if it's day or night,
[23:10.37]I can always hear cool music on that radio station.
[23:15.93]It's beautiful songs make me feel happy and relaxed.
[23:21.10]It's really the best radio station I know.
[23:25.75]Key words
[24:32.68]Key Phrases
[24:36.83]radio station
[24:42.29]cothing store
[24:47.44]school talent show
[24:52.90]the most creative
[24:59.38]a piano piece
[25:04.63]close to
[25:09.35]Key sentence structure
[25:14.11]What's the best cinema?
[25:17.87]Showtime cinema.
[25:21.95]It's the cheapest.
[25:25.42]Jasper's has good quality clothes.
[25:28.05]Jasper's 有品质好的衣服。
[25:30.67]It's better than Trendy Teens.
[25:35.24]Jasper's is the best store in town.
[25:37.82]Jasper's 是镇上最好的商店。