[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 12 What's the best radio station?
[00:05.38]SECTION A
[00:08.33]1b Listen and match the statements with the movie theaters.
[00:15.18]Write in the names of the theaters.
[01:03.61]2a Listen to a reporter interview a boy.
[01:09.46]How does the boy answer the questions?
[01:13.61]Circle the correct letters below.
[02:31.28]2b Listen again.How dose the boy describe the clothing stores in town?
[02:39.32]Circle the expressions.
[03:56.38]3a Read the article and fill in the chart.
[04:02.63]What do young people think about places in town?
[04:07.38]We did a survey of our readers and this is what we learned.
[04:12.73]All the movie theaters are good,
[04:16.50]but the Big Screen Complex is the best in our town.
[04:21.77]It has the biggest screens and the most comfortable seats.
[04:27.34]However,Town Cinema is the cheapest,and it has the friendliest service.
[04:35.10]The most popular clothing store is Jasper's.
[04:40.06]It the best quality clothing.It's also the cheapest.
[04:46.43]Funky Fashions is the worst.It has really bad service.
[04:53.28]As for radio staions,most people think that Jammin'107.9 FM is really great.
[05:02.94]It plays the most interesting music.
[05:07.20]SECTION B
[05:14.28]2a Listen to people talking about the school talent show.
[05:21.23]Write these names under the performers.
[06:19.90]2b Listen again.What do the people say about the performers?
[06:27.16]Fill in the chart.
[07:25.13]3a Read this article about the school talent show.
[07:31.68]Fill in each blank with one of the words in the box.
[07:36.86]Last week's talent show___a great success There__fifteen acts.
[07:44.30]Eliza Wilbur won the prize for the __ performer.
[07:49.26]She played a beautiful piano piece.Lee Hansen was the __performer.
[07:56.71]He danced without music.
[08:00.05]The prize for the__act went to Steve Tan and his dog,Fido.
[08:06.22]They__a cute song together.
[08:09.87]SELF CHECK
[08:17.53]2 Read the Information about the three cities.
[08:23.28]Find more Information about them and complete the chart.
[08:28.32]Decide which Is the best city to visit for a wrinter vacation.
[08:33.78]Sanya is in Hainan Province. It's still warm in winter.
[08:40.02]It's about 15°C in the daytime.Sanya has beautiful beaches.
[08:47.96]The price of a hotel room is about 320 yuan a night.
[08:53.29]Harbin is in the north of China. It's cold in winter,
[08:59.48]sometimes -30°C.Tourists need to wear warm clothes.
[09:07.81]There is an Ice and Snow Festival that lasts about six weeks.
[09:13.74]A hotel room is about 230 yuan a night.
[09:19.20]Beijing is not very cold in the winter.
[09:23.88]It's about -5°C. It seldom rains or snows.
[09:30.72]Hotels usually cut their prices in winter.
[09:35.48]About 200 yuan a night is enough.
[09:39.84]Words and expressions in Unit 12
[09:49.27]comfortable seat screen close
[09:57.21]adj.舒适的;安逸的 n.座位 n.屏;幕;荧光屏 adj.近的;接近的
[10:05.15]close to quality theater cinema
[10:13.33]靠近;接近 n.品质;物质 n.剧院;戏院 n.电影院
[10:21.51]circle Circle Theater radio radio station
[10:30.44]n.圆形;圈;环 弧形剧场 n.无线电;无线电广播 广播台,之声
[10:39.37]bargain barn Bargain Barn delight
[10:47.09]n.廉价的东西;便宜货 n.谷仓 廉价品倾销店 n.欣喜;高兴;愉快
[10:54.81]by bus positive negative dull
[11:02.33]乘坐公共汽车 adj.积极的;肯定的 adj.消极的;否定的 adj.无聊的;单调的
[11:09.86]performer success terrific province
[11:17.63]n.演员;演奏者 n.成功 adj.非常的,极好的 n.省;地方
[11:25.40]daytime Ice and Snow Festivallast seldom
[11:34.13]n.白天;日间 冰雪节 v.持续;继续 adv.很少;不常
[11:42.85]enough distance farthest
[11:51.52]adj.充足的;充分的 n.距离;路程 adj.& adv.(far最高级)最远的