[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 11 Could you please clean your room?
[00:05.30]SECITON A
[00:08.36]1b Listen.In the chart above,
[00:14.13]write "M" next to Mom's chores and"p" next to Peter's chores.
[00:52.09]2a Listen.Peter askes his father if he can do four things.
[00:59.35]What does his father say?Check(√) "yes" or "no".
[01:31.40]2b Listen again.Why does Peter's father say "no"?
[01:38.17]Draw lines to the reasons in the chart above.
[02:08.71]SECTION B
[02:16.12]2a Listen and check(√) the things 1a that you hear.
[03:23.18]2b Listen again.What is Sandy's mom going to do?
[03:29.84]What is Sandy going to do?What are Sandy and Dave going to do?
[03:36.19]Fill in the chart.
[04:38.54]3a Read the e-mail message.Which things are about exercise?Cleaning?Food?
[04:48.10]Complete the chart below.
[04:51.47]Nancy,Thanks for taking care of my dog.
[04:57.53]Could you please do these things every day?
[05:01.90]Take him for a walk.
[05:04.95]Give him water and feed him.Then wash his bowl.
[05:10.60]Play with him.Don't forget to clean his bed.
[05:15.87]Have fun! I'll see you next week.
[05:24.47]Words and expressions in Unit 11
[05:33.43]take out trash chore do chores
[05:41.16]取出 n.垃圾;废物;碎屑 n.杂务;杂事; 处理琐事;干家务
[05:48.89]do the dishes sweep (swept, swept) sweep the floor fold
[05:57.02]洗餐具 v.扫除;清扫;清除 清扫地板;扫地 v.折叠;折起来
[06:05.14]living room get a ride meeting work on
[06:11.72]起居室;客厅 搭车 n.会议;集会 从事;忙于
[06:18.31]hate laundry do the laundry wash
[06:25.88]v.憎恨;憎恶 n.待洗的衣服;洗衣店 洗衣服 v.清洗;洗去
[06:33.46]make dinner do the shopping snack borrow
[06:41.12]做饭 购物;买东西 n.小吃;快餐 v.借;借人;借来
[06:48.79]invite disagree teenager take care of
[06:56.72]v.邀请;恳请 v.不同意;持不同意见 n.十几岁的青少年 照看;照顾
[07:04.65]feed (fed, fed) play with weren't=were notfavorgoldfish
[07:16.22]v.给予食物;喂 与...玩耍 n.恩惠;善意的行为 n.金鱼