[00:00.00]沪江网 Culture unit 2 What did you have for dinner?
[00:05.38]5a Read the article.
[00:11.15]Underline the examples off bad table manners around the world.
[00:16.90]Mind your manners!
[00:20.38]Around the world,people have different ideas about what good'table manners are.
[00:28.24]In India,for example, people only eat with their right hands.
[00:34.80]You take food from one dish on the table,
[00:39.34]usually nan (a kind of bread) or rice,
[00:45.51]mix it with food from another dish and then put it in your mouth.
[00:51.15]Your left hand stays still.
[00:54.91]Eating with you left hand is very rude!
[00:59.59]In the west, people don't usually share the same dishes.
[01:05.23]Everyone has his or her own plate of food.
[01:10.27]You eat with a knife and fork
[01:14.21]and you shouldn't wave them around when you aren't using them.
[01:19.57]And you should try not to make eating noises,even if the food is good.
[01:26.02]People think that's bad table manners!
[01:30.46]When you go to restaurants in different parts of the world,
[01:35.32]it's important to know the right and wrong things to do.
[01:40.28]For example,in China it's OK to make a lot of noise in a restaurant.
[01:47.55]In fact,if a restaurant isn't noisy and lively,
[01:53.61]you may think there's something wrong with it.
[01:57.37]However,in many western countries,restaurants are quiet places.
[02:04.03]If a table is too loud,other customers might even complain to the management.
[02:11.40]Paying the bill is also different from country to country.
[02:16.54]In China, one person usually pays for everyone.
[02:22.11]In western countries,one person pays if he or she is entertaining clients,
[02:29.37]but when friends eat together,they usually share the cost.
[02:34.83]This is called going Dutch.
[02:38.90]Also,when westerners pay the check,they usually leave some money for the waiter.
[02:46.66]This is called 'leaving a tip.
[02:50.71]Not leaving a tip is very rude.
[02:55.07]In the U.S., it's common to leave tips of 10%, 15%,or 20% of the check,
[03:03.22]depending on how good the service was.
[03:07.59]Good waiters can earn a lot of money!
[03:11.74]The way people eat food is different throughout the world,
[03:16.49]but you can find the same kinds of food in many countries.
[03:22.06]Chinese and Italian food,for example,are popular all over the world.
[03:29.14]8a Look at the menu and the list of specials.
[03:35.48]Listen and circle the dishes you hear.
[04:55.34]8b Listen again and underline the things that the people order.
[06:18.10]10 Flora is talking about the things she eats.
[06:24.26]Fill in the table with the thing she can and can't eat.
[06:29.51]I'm Lisa from Vancouver,Canada,and I'm a vegetarian.
[06:35.44]That's someone who doesn't eat meat.
[06:39.10]Why am I a vegetarian?
[06:42.65]Well, I think it's cruel to eat animals.
[06:47.33]We can get all the nutrition we need from non-meat products.
[06:52.79]Quite a lot of people are vegetarians in Vancouver.
[06:57.65]There are a few shops and restaurants that sell food just for us.
[07:03.29]For example,there's a store near my house that specializes in cheese and tofu.
[07:10.55]The tofu is great but I can't eat the cheese.It's too fattening!
[07:17.11]It's easy to be a vegetarian when I'm at home.
[07:21.55]I cook lots of interesting dishes from grains and vegetables.
[07:26.98]I can make many different kinds of pasta,and I often cook meals for my family.
[07:33.75]They aren't vegetarians,but they don't mind vegetarian food.
[07:39.08]In some restaurants it's difficult to get vegetarian food.
[07:44.40]On Sunday, I went to Stan's Steakhouse with my friends.
[07:50.78]They all wanted to eat roast beef.
[07:54.54]I looked for vegetarian food on the menu,but every dish had meat in it.
[08:01.70]I asked the waiter,"Can you give me something with no meat?"
[08:07.05]He said, "Would you like some fish?"
[08:11.10]"No thanks", I said."I only want vegetables - no meat,and no fish".
[08:17.66]"But this is a steakhouse", said the waiter.
[08:21.73]"People come here because they want to eat meat!"
[08:26.17]So we didn't eat in Stan's Steakhouse.
[08:30.33]We went to Luco's Italian Restaurant.
[08:34.17]My friends had meat pizzas (yuk!),and I had pasta primavera.
[08:41.30]Words and expressions in Culture unit 2
[08:52.48]fat oil sugar dairy
[08:59.66]n.脂肪;肥肉 n.油类;油 n.糖;蔗糖 n.奶制品
[09:06.85]protein grain rice fast
[09:14.33]n.蛋白质 n.谷类;谷物 n.水稻;大米 快的;迅速的
[09:21.82]fast food mind manner table manners
[09:29.99]快餐 v.留心;注意 n.行为;礼貌 餐桌规矩;席间举止
[09:38.17]dish nan still rude
[09:45.69]n.盘;碟;菜 n.印度面包 adj.静止的;不动的 adj.粗鲁的;无理的
[09:53.21]west share own plate
[10:00.24]n.西方;西方国家 v.分摊;共享 adj.自己的 n.盘子;碟子
[10:07.27]knife wave noise even if
[10:14.91]n.(有柄的)刀 v.挥动;挥舞 n.声音;噪音;喧闹声 即使;即便
[10:22.55]right wrong lively however
[10:30.73]adj.对的,正确的 错误的;错的 adj.有生气的;活泼的 adv.&conj.然而
[10:38.90]western loud customer complain
[10:47.13]adj.西方的;在西方的 adj.高声的;喧闹的 n.顾客;顾主 v.抱怨;发牢骚
[10:55.36]bill pay the bill pay for entertain
[11:03.54]n.帐单;发票 付帐;买单 为...而付款 v.款待;招待
[11:11.71]client cost going Dutch westerner
[11:20.14]n.客户;当事人;委托人 n.价钱;费用 各自付帐;AA制 n.西方人
[11:28.56]check = bill tip leaving a tip depend on
[11:37.53]n.帐单;发票 n.小费;赏钱 给小费 依赖;依靠
[11:46.51]service earn throughout
[11:53.39]n.上菜,上饮料,仆役等之服务 v.赚;挣得 prep.遍及;贯穿
[12:00.27]Italian Indian chopsticks
[12:07.11]adj.意大利的;意大利人adj.印度的;印度人(的)意大利语(的) n.筷子
[12:13.94]custom special roast British
[12:22.36]n.风俗;习惯 n.特色菜 v.&n.烤;灸;焙 adj.不列颠的;英国的
[12:30.79]flavor a must try Greek
[12:37.92]n.味;滋味;风味 不可不尝的(食物) adj.&n.希腊的;希腊人(的);希腊语(的)
[12:45.05]feta Thai
[12:49.37]n.羊奶干酪 adj.&n.泰国人(的);泰语(的)泰国的
[12:53.69]fried rice main course
[13:00.23]炒米饭 adj.主要的;最主要的 一道菜或点心
[13:06.76]main course diner samosa(samoosa,samusa)
[13:13.73]主食;主菜 n.外形似餐车的餐馆 n.萨莫萨三角饺;五香三角菜
[13:20.71]dumpling fill with soup
[13:27.29]n.饺子 用...填充 n.汤;羹
[13:33.87]minestrone soup (minestrone ,minestra)
[13:40.43]pasta duck kebab(=kabob)
[13:46.76]面食 n.鸭;鸭肉 n.烤肉串
[13:53.10]pot hot pot noodle
[13:59.43]n.罐;壶;盆;盆;锅 火锅 n.面条
[14:05.77]shrimp nachos tortilla
[14:12.10]n.小虾 n.烤干酪辣味玉米片 n.玉米粉圆饼
[14:18.44]chip serve melt
[14:24.42]n.条;薄片 侍候(顾客);上(菜)等 v.融化;溶化
[14:30.40]forest cake chocolate
[14:36.58]n.森林地带;森林 n.蛋糕;糕饼类 n.巧克力
[14:42.76]baklava sticky nut
[14:49.09]n.果仁蜜糖千层酥 adj.粘的;粘性的 n.坚果
[14:55.43]cola mineral mineral water
[15:01.92]n.可乐 adj.矿物的;含矿物的 矿泉水
[15:08.41]coffee starter Vancouver
[15:14.93]n.咖啡 n.第一道菜 温哥华
[15:21.44]vegetarian cruel nutrition
[15:28.18]n.蔬食者;素食者 adj.残忍的;残酷的 n.营养;营养学
[15:34.92]non-meat product quite
[15:41.30]无肉的 n.产品;产物 adv.很;非常
[15:47.67]specialize specialize in fatten
[15:54.75]v.专攻;专门研究 专攻;专门研究 v.使肥;变肥
[16:01.83]steakhouse menu fish
[16:08.25]n.牛排店 n.菜单 n.鱼
[16:14.68]yuk primavem hold (held, held)
[16:21.05]呸;啐 adj.菜丁的; v.握住;执住;抓紧