[00:00.00]沪江网 Culture unit 1 Growing up around the world.
[00:05.30]1 Read about Ross.
[00:10.34]Do you have anything in common?
[00:13.98]Fill in the diagram.
[00:17.42]Hi! I'm Ross and I live in Washington,D.C.,the capital of the U.S.
[00:25.89]Bet you don't know what D.C. stands for!
[00:30.33]It means District of Columbia,named after Christopher Columbus.
[00:37.28]I like Washington because there's so much to do.
[00:42.03]I love going to museums and historical monuments.
[00:47.18]Last week, I visited the Aerospace museum.
[00:52.45]You can see rockets that went into space!
[00:57.03]My favorite school subjects are computer science and math.
[01:02.59]I have a lot of homework, but when it's done,
[01:08.23]I enjoy reading science fiction and watching TV.
[01:13.59]On weekends, I spend time with my family.
[01:18.26]We often have a picnic in one of the large city parks.
[01:23.72]I also play football with my friends,
[01:28.16]or we just go down to the mall and hang out.
[01:32.84]My dream is to go to UCLA and study aeronautics.
[01:38.90]Then I want to join the US space program!
[01:43.65]4a Read the article.
[01:48.62]Find three ways that Nicky's life is different from yours.
[01:54.36]living in the Outback
[01:57.92]Nicky Logan is 13 years old,and she comes from Australia's Northern Territory.
[02:06.09]She lives on a farm with her parents,
[02:10.64]her brothers Martin and Ben,and 50,000 sheep.
[02:16.52]The Logan's farm is in the "Outback".
[02:20.56]Most of Australia is "Outback"—it's very hot and dry
[02:26.73]and not many people live there.
[02:30.88]Sometimes Nicky and her family don't see any other people for weeks.
[02:37.34]So how do Nicky and her brothers go to school?
[02:42.01]Well,they don't go to school—their school comes to them,
[02:47.58]by radio and the Internet.
[02:51.05]They sit at home and use the radio to talk to their teachers and their classmates.
[02:57.29]Their classmates live on other farms
[03:01.45]and their teachers work at the"School of the Air"in a town called Alice Springs.
[03:09.10]When the pupils have to do homework,
[03:12.94]they send it to their teachers by fax or the Internet.
[03:17.98]When Nicky isn't studying,
[03:21.46]she likes to ride her horse and help the farm workers with the sheep.
[03:26.92]It's hard work for a young girl,but she enjoys it.
[03:31.67]Sometimes she plays tennis with her brothers,
[03:36.03]and when it's very hot,she likes to go swimming in the river on the farm.
[03:42.59]"I think I'm really lucky to live on an outback farm, " say Nicky.
[03:48.23]"I love nature and wildlife.
[03:51.89]We have some cool animals — koalas,kangaroos and wallabies.
[03:58.16]But not all the animals are cool.
[04:01.82]There are some poisonous snakes and spiders here.
[04:06.78]They can be dangerous!"The"School of the Air" is only for younger students.
[04:14.04]So next year,when Nicky is 14,
[04:18.48]she will have to go to a boarding school in Alice Springs.
[04:23.55]She will live at the school and visit her family during the vacations.
[04:29.19]I'll miss my parents and my horse,"she says,
[04:33.63]"but my brother Martin will be there.
[04:37.39]I think it'll be good to study with other kids."
[04:42.36]7a Some American teenagers are talking about weekend.
[04:49.62]Listend and circle the things you hear in activity 6.
[05:44.37]7b Listen again.
[05:49.13]What did Brad do?What did Mary do?
[05:54.40]What did Brad and Dave do? Fill in the chart.
[06:48.24]9a Frank Cull is from Canada- He's talking about his school life.
[06:56.29]In the box, write the things he liked,and the things he didn't like.
[07:02.14]I had to get up at six o'clock every morning
[07:06.68]and ride my bike five miles to school.
[07:11.44]In winter,it was very cold,and in summer it was very hot,but I didn't mind.
[07:20.27]I liked to exercise.
[07:23.72]We wore uniforms to school,not like Canadian kids today.
[07:29.99]Some of the girls liked their school uniform,
[07:34.35]but the uniform for boys looked strange.
[07:39.00]We had to wear crazy straw hats!
[07:43.44]Our school wasn't in a very good place.
[07:47.80]It was next to a train station.
[07:51.56]Sometimes it was difficult to hear the teacher because of all the trains outside.
[07:58.22]The school was small,too,and the classrooms were very crowded.
[08:04.47]There were usually forty or fifty students in every class.
[08:09.80]There was no TV at that time,so we didn't know a lot about the world.
[08:16.35]I remember our geography textbook had beautiful photographs
[08:22.41]from far away places like India,China,and Africa.
[08:28.79]Geography was really interesting for kids in those days!
[08:34.43]Families were poor because it was the time of the Great Depression.
[08:40.31]I wore my elder brother's old uniform.
[08:44.67]My shoes had holes where you could see my toes.
[08:49.71]It was terrible!We were poor but we still enjoyed ourselves.
[08:56.97]I loved to play baseball and ice hockey after class.
[09:02.15]But we played ice hockey on frozen ponds.
[09:06.69]Not inside like the kids today.
[09:10.77]Words and expressions in Culture unit 1
[09:20.93]grow grow up Washington D. C. capital
[09:29.40]v.生长,发育,增长 成长,长大 华盛顿哥伦亚特区 n.首都,首府
[09:37.88]bet stand for mean Columbia
[09:45.67]v.打赌 代表,表示 v.表示... 哥华伦比亚
[09:53.45]name after historical monument
[10:00.08]以...命名 adj.历史上的,有关历史的 n.纪念碑,纪念物
[10:06.72]aerospace rocket
[10:10.90]n.地球大气层及其外面的空间,太空 n.火箭,冲天炮
[10:15.08]into space fiction
[10:20.90]prep.进入..之内,向内 n.空间,太空 n.虚构之事,捏造的故事,小说
[10:26.73]science fiction have a picnic city park
[10:34.00]科幻小说 去野餐 城市公园
[10:41.28]go down to hang out dream
[10:48.01]从一个地方去另一个地方 经常出没,闲荡 n.梦;梦想;幻想
[10:54.73]UCLA University of California at Los Angeles
[11:00.69]aeronautics common in common badminton
[11:10.01]n.航空学 n.共同的;共有的 共同的;共有的 n.羽毛球
[11:19.34]drama travel abroad travel abroad
[11:28.47]n.剧本;戏剧 v.旅行;游历 adv.在国外;到国外 出国旅行
[11:37.60]move move away outback northern
[11:46.23]v.移动;搬动;开动 搬走 adj.&n.内陆;内地(的) n.在北方的;北方
[11:54.87]territory farm on a farm sheep
[12:03.55]n.领土;区域 n.农场 在农场 n.羊;绵羊
[12:12.24]most of by radio
[12:18.36]大多数 prep.通过; n.收音机;无线电;无线电广播
[12:24.49]sit use their air
[12:32.17]v.坐;坐着 v.用;使用;利用 pron.它(他,她)们的 n.空气;大气
[12:39.85]town Alice Spring send fax
[12:48.54]n.镇;城镇;市镇 阿利斯斯普林斯 v.送;寄;派;谴 n.传真
[12:57.22]horse help sb. with sth. go swimming lucky
[13:05.40]n.马 帮助某人做某事 去游泳 adj.幸运的
[13:13.57]nature wildlife kangaroo wallaby
[13:21.80]n.自然,自然界 n.野生动植物 n.袋鼠 n.小袋鼠
[13:30.03]poisonous snake spider boarding school
[13:38.66]adj.有毒的,有害的 n.蛇 n.蜘蛛 寄宿学校
[13:47.30]miss communicate change would like to
[13:55.47]v.怀念,想念 v.交流;沟通 v.改变,变化 想要,愿意
[14:03.65]prefer eat out go hiking mile
[14:12.08]v.更喜欢... 在外面吃饭 去远足 n.英里
[14:20.50]winter some of strange
[14:26.43]n.冬天,冬季 一些 adj.奇怪的;奇妙的;奇特的
[14:32.36]crazy straw straw hat India
[14:40.59]n.疯狂的;狂热的 n.稻草;麦秸 草帽 印度
[14:48.82]in those days poor the Great Depression elder
[14:57.66]在当时 adj.贫穷的;可怜的 大萧条 adj.年级较长的
[15:06.50]hole could toe were
[15:14.08]n.洞,孔,坑 aux. v.能,可以 n.脚趾头 v.(be的过去式)
[15:21.65]still ourselves ice hockey after class
[15:30.34]adv.然而,可是 pron.我们自己 冰球 课下
[15:39.02]freeze pond transport at school
[15:46.99]v.结冰;凝固 n.池塘 n.输送;运输;运输工具 在学校