[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 5 Can you come to my party?
[00:05.59]SECTION A
[00:10.24]1b Listen.Write the names(Tim,Ted,Kay,Antonia and Wilson)
[00:20.01]next to the correct students in the picture above.
[01:10.37]2a Lisen.Circle"can" or"can't"
[02:04.24]2b Listen again.Number the reasons[1-3] why people can't go to the party.
[03:02.20]SECTION B
[03:10.35]2a Listen.Can Vince play tennis with Andy? Circle Yes or No.
[04:06.91]2b Listen again.Look at the chart above.
[04:13.47]Match Vince's activities with the days.
[05:06.02]3a Read the e-mail message.
[05:11.48]Then complete Sonia's calendar below.
[05:15.85]Hi Henry,Thank you for your invitation to visit next week.
[05:22.69]I'm sorry, but I can't come.
[05:27.05]I have a really busy week.
[05:30.71]This evening I'm going to my cousin's birthday party.
[05:36.35]And tomorrow,I have to go to the dentist. (Yuck!)
[05:41.81]On Wednesday, I'm playing tennis with the school team.
[05:46.98]And I have to study for my science test on Thursday.
[05:51.95]On Friday evening, I'm going to the movies with some friends.
[05:57.41]Can you come to the movies with us on Friday?
[06:01.85]Write soon. Sonia.
[06:05.32]Words and expressions in unit 5
[06:16.37]lesson hey baseball game calendar
[06:24.60]n.课;课程 int.嘿;喂 棒球比赛 n.日历;行事历
[06:32.83]tomorrow the day after tomorrow invitation
[06:40.35]n.明天;明日 后天 n.邀请
[06:47.88]match whole come over to
[06:57.85]n.比赛;竞赛 adj.整整的;全部的 从一个地方来到另一个地方;过来