7 Darcy proposes marriage
7 达西求婚

Elizabeth was sitting by herself the next morning, writing to Jane, while Mrs Collins and Maria were shopping in the village. She heard the doorbell ring, and knew that meant a visitor had arrived, but she was greatly surprised when Mr Darcy, and Mr Darcy only, was shown into the room.

He seemed astonished too, on finding her alone. 'I apologize for disturbing you, Miss Bennet. I understood that all the ladies were at home.'

解析:astonished 吃惊的、惊讶的
eg: It astonished her that he was able to survive.

disturb 打扰、妨碍
eg:Please do not disturb us when we are working.

'Please don't apologize, Mr Darcy.' I hope Lady Catherine and her daughter are well?'

'Very well, thank you.' He said no more.

As he seemed in danger of sinking into total silence, Elizabeth had to think of something to say. She remarked, 'How very suddenly you all left Netherfield last November, Mr Darcy! I hope Mr Bingley and his sisters were well, when you left London?'

解析:sink into 陷入
eg: Don't let yourself sink into

remark 评论、谈论
eg: The
resignation of the editor in chief was remarked upon by all the staff members in the newspaper office.

'Perfectly, thank you.' That was all the answer he gave.

'I think I have heard that Mr Bingley has not much idea of ever returning to Netherfield again?'