He is in the USA now.

→_____ _____he now?

【答案】Where is


Kates bike was stolen last week.  

→  _____ _____was stolen last week?

【答案】Whose bike


Mr. Wang is our English teacher.

→   _____ _____your English teacher?

【答案】Who is


1.问事情 It is a book in English.

→   _____ _____this in English?

【答案】What is

2. 发生何事 She has a cold these days.

→_____ _____with her? / _____ _____ ­­­­­_____ with her?

【答案】What's wrong; What's the matter

3. 问事件  I like playing football best.

→  _____ _____you like best?

【答案】What do

4. 哪一个 The girl wearing a skirtis my sister.

→_____ _____ is your sister?

【答案】Which girl


1. 时间长度 He has worked in this factory for five years.

→_____ _____has she worked in this factory?

【答案】How long

2. 空间长度 The Great Wall is over 5,000 kilometres long.

→_____ _____ is the Great Wall?

【答案】How long


1. 几点 They go to work at seven in the morning.

→_____  do they go to work?


2.星期 It’s Monday today.

 →   _____ _____ is it today?

【答案】What day

3.何时 Their boss will visit China next month.

→_____ _____ their boss visit China?

【答案】When will

4.日期 It was December 10th yesterday.

 →  _____ _____ _____ _____yesterday?

【答案】What was the date

5. 将来时间 He will come back to Beijing in ten days.   

→_____ _____ will he come back to Beijinig?

【答案】How soon

6. 时间频率 I go to the cinema twice a month.   

→  _____ _____do you go to the cinema?

【答案】How often


Li Lei is sixteen years old now.

→_____ _____ is Li Lei now? /_____ _____ Li Lei’s age now?

【答案】How old; What is


It was sunny yesterday.

→_____ _____ the weather like yesterday?

/ _____ _____ the weather yesterday?

【答案】What was; How was


Jim was late for school this afternoon because he had an accident.

→_____ _____ Jim late for school this afternoon?

【答案】Why was


The coat is red.   

→_____ _____ is this coat?

【答案】What color